Every realtor follows the same pattern in property listing but it is key to understand that people don’t just buy a listing; they buy a lifestyle. As a real estate agent, it is essential to be creative in marketing your listing. In a tough market or with unique properties, it is important when marketing for your real estate property listing that you should not just reiterate specs and data. Instead, develop a special narrative in your marketing of what it is like to live in the home.

Coming up with new ideas will help you differentiate yourself in an industry where it is always necessary to keep track of new marketing tools, thus selling your homes faster. If you have a tough listing that keeps acquiring more days on market, here are some creative ways to market that “hard-to-sell” listing that you have been trying to close a deal on.

Retarget web viewers with property images and emotional Ad copy

When people are looking for a new home or office space, it is common that they search the market for different kinds of options before they get in touch with a realtor. You can capitalize on this opportunity to make sure your listings get sold or rented out quickly through retargeting. You must get photos of the highest quality. Acquire the skills and knowledge of beautiful real estate listing shots including the use of artificial or natural lighting, planning indoor and outdoor shots, and improving curb appeal.

Video footage of the space

Recording high-quality video footage of a space lures remote homebuyers who want to set up viewings before they get to the property or with renters of higher-end vacation properties. When creating an all-round experience for potential buyers, it is key to note that few things impress more than real estate videos. Video tours allow you more creative license to showcase angels and depth showcasing the space in a better way. It shows how things work together and helps people imagine themselves living in that exact space. Besides, adding in mood music or narrative that incites emotional reactions that make consumers take action.

Referral incentive strategy

If you haven’t started a referral strategy to list properties, start making a list of people you trust to send you quality referrals. Think of the kinds of job roles and positions that come in touch with your target market regularly. For instance, if you focus on selling starter homes in your city, you could list out marriage counsellors, financial advisors and mortgage bankers. You could reach out to them and find a person in your referral network, you could offer them your referral incentives.

Mentally re-list the property

Sometimes you have to “mentally re-list” a difficult listing. It can be helpful to act like you just got the listing again after some time has gone by and the property has had its peak of showings. It is important to think of creative ways that will help your sellers realize they need to either make some updates to the home or lower the price.

Manage the process carefully during property listings

It is crucial to manage the process for sellers and make sure that they have realistic expectations. If they want to sell their homes without making any updates, they may have to lower the price after 30 days in the market. They may also have to invest in some home improvements if they want to be able to sell quickly or at a certain price. After a certain time period, your sellers must be mentally prepared to lower the price if needed.

Don’t give up on a good listing

After you have persuaded your sellers to either make upgrades or change the list price, but the property through your marketing cycle again. You may need to present a 60-day marketing plan or a 30-day marketing plan during the listing to keep it. Turning a property around whether you are responsible to rent it or sell it can be tough, especially when you’re in a buyer’s market. But don’t give up on a difficult listing, know that you can manage the process for a seller to get their homes sold successfully.