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    1. Fill in your personal details
    2. Tell us a little about the property you are looking for
    3. Our Customer service will search for Similar properties
    4. We will send you properties for review
    5. You will review and shotlist a few
    6. We will schedule for a Free site visit to the property
    7. You will get a free tour guide through the property
    8. We will provide recomendations and advise as we view
    9. We will help you negotiate on prices if need be
    10. We will help in booking the property
    11. We can recommend a lawyer
    12. We can recommend a mortgage financier
    13. We can help in doing property search at the lands office
    14. We will expedite on the paper work process
    15. We can recommend interior decor
    16. We can recommend a management company (for investors)
    17. We love recommendations 🙂
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