What matters when looking for a house


 Size and location are both important factors that you should consider when searching for a house. But what matters more? The answer to this is directly related to your specific needs. Most people will tell you that location is everything while in the real sense, location is not the only thing that matters. Ever found a house with a perfect location but the rooms are too small or big rooms but the location is not convenient? This will leave you in such a dilemma. If you are in such a situation, then worry not, the following tips will help you out of that dilemma.

 The size is more important if:

  1. When you have a family

When you have a family, you will be needed to get more bedrooms, enough space for children to play, a bigger kitchen and so on. At this point, location will not be a priority if the house size is small. Ever seen a big family that lives in a small house? Exactly, you don’t want that. 

  1. You need more space for guests

Is your house too small that guests look for somewhere else to spend the night? Then moving into a bigger house will be the solution. It wouldn’t make sense for you to choose another small house because of the location. Your priority at this point is size. But if you get a bigger house in a perfect location, then that’s a bonus. Take it!

  1. You travel a lot

If you are the kind of person who is always on the move due to work, then a small house will suit you. You only need a place to keep your belongings and to rest in while not working. Also, if you find that you don’t use most of the rooms at your place, you may consider getting a smaller house. For example, if you are in a 3bedroom house yet you leave alone, you can move into 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom house.

  1. If you are planning to get a family

Getting a family requires a lot of preparation and planning. Getting a bigger house is one of the preparations that you need. You can start by getting an additional room that will cater to the family you are planning to get.


The location matters if

  1. Ideal work location

If your work is demanding, then you need to get a place near your working place. This will not only save your time but also reduce transport expenses. In this case, choosing the size of the house over location will only add more stress into your life, especially when there is traffic.

  1. School location

School location is one of the factors that you have to consider while looking for a house. You don’t want your children to be spending hours before getting to school. Just in case you have to move, you can also check if the location has schools near that your children can attend. Make sure you inform the previous school in time and also look for a vacancy in the new school before moving.

  1. Rental house

If you are looking for a house that you rent out, then you might want to consider location first. The most tenant will want a house close to the main road, market or urban areas. The location will also predict the demand and monthly rent of the house. Even though some will still look at the size, the location will be the attracting factor.


Other factors:

Either size or location, you will also want to look for other factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • Security of the place
  • The condition of the house
  • The insurance rate


Remember to be on the lookout for scammers. Do not be in a hurry to make a decision then regret later. Do your research first.