3 factors to consider before constructing a House

Majority of Kenyans are dynamic renters, only a trivial segment of individuals wishes for permanency and choose to build their own houses. Even though purchasing a house offers the same kind of perpetuity, it is considered to be a lot pricier and the purchaser has limited control over the environment and the surrounding conditions of the house since it is already built and ready for occupation. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

As you resolve to construct your own house in Kenya, you are acute to ensure that you get the best at the lowermost cost. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

3 factors to consider:

  • Budget

Your budget controls all you do when constructing a house in Kenya, starting with structural and interior design, spacing, contractors, the location of the building, the type and quality of material to build the house in addition to other privilege such as electricity, water availability, trees to provide adequate shade. The main objective is to build a house that is the best and most cost-friendly. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

  • Purpose of the House

Before constructing a house in Kenya, one should ask him/herself what’s the drive of constructing one. Are you going to live in it? Is it a long-term investment to rent it out or are you going to sell it off? Identifying the purpose of the structural building will help determine the spacing, the size, the preferred design and a house that will work within your budget. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

  • House Design

Constructing a house in Kenya comes with planning and designing the house, from structural appearance to the interior design. It is advisable for one to hire an architect and an interior design who will weigh out the costs involved in addition to getting things right in terms of house design. A small fee is required but investing to an architect is one of the best choices one can make. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

                 Cost-saving Hacks When constructing a House in Kenya

  1. Quality and Affordable Construction Materials

Comportment your research on eminence providers and involve one after the other by equating a number of estimates. We are not encouraging low-priced solutions but the construction materials to purchase must have the following aspects factored; life-span, durability and maintenance costs. The construction materials should therefore be of the best quality you can afford.

  1. Implement a Meek Geometry

The quickest way to a costlier construction in Kenya is to do the project emotionally, pigeon-holed by intricacies and superfluous arches. The planner should be able to recommend you on how the strategies and designs decode to building materials and labour charges. In other words, how costly is it to decipher this plan into an authentic building? 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

  1. Space Development

Open plan has become the new cliché in town especially those constructing houses in Kenya. It provides social space and facilitates natural lighting.  A well-trusted profession will be able to work as planned though the process may be expensive. 3 factors to consider before constructing a House

  1. Labour Overheads

Built on the intricacy and design of your strategies, labour accounts for an enormous portion the of total costs. Multifaceted designs will need not only more man-hours devoted to constructing the house in Kenya requiring a higher level of know-how as well. Make sure the architect fully understands your budget-limit and resolve to cut costs.