Apartment for Sale in Kilimani

Apartment for Sale in Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya Neighborhood Guide

Kilimani is listed among the top areas among Westlands, Parklands, Kileleshwa and Lavington where you can get prime properties. The affluent neighbourhood makes it one of the top places to invest in real estate.

The area can easily be accessed from the Nairobi Central Business district either by Cab or Matatu (Public Service Vehicles). Most families in the Kilimani area have one or two cars per family according to statistics.

Geographically, Kilimani is located west of Nairobi City. The area averages 1700 meters above sea level and covers an area of around 16.1 square Kilometers. Regarding urban planning, Kilimani is listed among the five wards of Dagoret North Constituency. Other areas include Kawangware, Kileleshwa, Hurlingham, Gatina and Kabiro.

The upmarket estate includes Hurligham which is favoured by Muslim / Somali community. The area is bounded by Dennis Pritt road to the North; Ngong road to the South; Korosho road to the West and Valley Road to the East.

With the growth of high-rise buildings the population of Kilimani has grown to over 40,000 people. These are the counted citizens but the area is a metro and hosts a lot of expatriates who add to the value of the real estate in the area.

The majority of the property within the area are condominiums. when considering Apartment for Sale in Kilimani, you have to note that most units are owned by individuals and it’s hard to find a full apartment owned by one person. Much of the newer units are bedsitters, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The older properties can still be found including the maisonettes and townhouses in gated estates.

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(FAQs) Frequently asked questions When Buying Property

In the new real estate act, you will be issues with a sectional title for the property you purchase. This will represent the unit you own and confirmation that you have a control of the common areas in the building.

Some of the cost that are not included in the initial price of the property include:

  • Stamp Duty on the lease: Stands ar 4% of the property value
  • Lega fee plus VAT: 1% of the property price
  • Common area share-purchase
  • We do not charge our clients to view properties in our data base.
  • We an schedule site visits any day of the week, Monday – Sunday.

This is the common process we follow when one is trying to purchase a property with our agency:

  1. Virtually share the details of the property
  2. Set up a date for the site visit
  3. Pick a unit and get an offer
  4. Offer Letter Valid for 7 days
  5. Get documents for due diligence
  6. Do property inspection and valuation
  7. Pay the deposit. Usually 20% – 30% of the property price
  8. Get the sale agreement
  9. Sign the sale agreement
  10. Pay the balance and legal fees
  11. Pay the stamp duty
  12. Move in to the property
  13. Property name transferred to purchase
  • Most apartments have extra parking spaces that are reserved for visitors
  • Studio owners get one parking space
  • One bedroom owners get one parking space
  • Two bedroom owners get one or two parking spaces
  • Three bedroom owners get two parking spaces
  • Four bedroom owners get two parking spaces
  • Five bedroom owners get two parking spaces

Modes of payment include:

  • Cash payment: Pay the full amount of the apartment within 90 days (3 months). This mode will give you leverage to get higher discounts.
  • Installments: You pay a booking fee, usually less that half a million. Before signing the sale agreement you pay 20% – 30% of the property price. The balance you spread depending with the arrangement of the owner of the property. Usually this can be spread up to the completion date or one year.

We have agreements with the banks to offer our clients the best mortgage rates in the market. We have Mortgage offers with:

  • Housing finance group
  • Standard chartered bank 12.2%
  • Citibank Kenya 12.5%
  • Commercial Bank of Kenya 12.9%
  • KCB Bank 13.3%
  • NIC Bank Kenya 13.4%
  • CFC Stanbic bank Kenya 14.1%
  • Barclays Bank of Kenya 14.4%
  • Co-operative Bank 14.9%
  • Consolidated bank 15.1%

Can you find an needle in a haystack? Yes of cos you can find a rent to won property. However, the property market is not advanced in Kenya to that extent. Most developers do not have the financial muscle to hold money in the market for over 4 years. The best option is to use a bank financier.

  • Studio Prices in Kilimani
  • 1 bedroom Prices in Kilimani
  • 2 Bedroom prices in Kilimani
  • 3 Bedroom Prices in Kilimani
  • 4 Bedroom prices in Kilimani
  • Kilimani Primary School, public school along Argwings Khodhek road.
  • Kiota Primary school, private school along Dennis Pritt Road
  • Appleton Schools, Private school along Kilimani Muringa road, off Elgeyo Marakwet road.
  • Statehouse primary school, located along state house road
  • Kilimani International school, located along Mtito Andei Road
  • Nicholas located along Karen Rose
  • Quickmatt Kilimani along Kindaruma road
  • Yaya Centre located along Argwings Khodhek Road
  • Greenhouse Mall located off Ngong road
  • Kilimani Mall located along Tigoni Road
  • Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall located off Ngong Road
  • Woodlands Mall, Located along wood avenue
  • Family bank located along Argwings Kodhek Road
  • Equity bank located along Argwings Kodhek Road
  • Prime bank located off Kilimani road
  • National Bank of Kenya located off Argwings Kodhek Road
  • KCB Bank located off Arwings Kodhek Road

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