Your Online safety is our duty at Commercial Property Kenya

Commercial property Kenya is one of the fastest-growing online real estate agencies in Kenya with over 5000 properties for sale and rent. We are an award-winning real estate agent in Kenya with countless success stories. Our properties are located across Nairobi and out of Nairobi:

Our clients, developers and property owners have full trust in us to deliver excellent results depending on their wants and interests. We are built and committed to our principal to deliver high-quality real estate services to both our faithful clients and investors. When looking for either commercial or residential property, we got you covered on our commercial property Kenya website.


It is our duty and principle to make work easier when searching for a house that fits your standards and fits your budget. We not only give you a hand in property searching but also make your safety our priority. This is due to our routine of checking everyone before advertising on our website and making sure you are safe on our websites. This is the main reason our clients keep coming back and referring other people to us.


Commercial property Kenya


As you will note from our website, there hundreds of different stakeholders who have chosen us as their advertising agency. This does not mean that we buy, sell or rent out the property. If you find a website that states it is marketing for commercial property Kenya, know its a scam and should not involve yourself in their business


Safety tips when searching for property online

The following tips will be of help when searching for property online:

  1. Do not do any payments before seeing the property
  2. Do not pay to view the property, this at most is a scam
  3. Go for a site visit to confirm the property is what you saw online
  4. Never give out your personal information
  5. Feel free to ask questions and for clarification
  6. Do not do transactions over the phone
  7. Always seek for a trusted company 


Be aware of rental scams

Be always keen to identify rental scams. Not everyone has good intentions, some only want to take the money you have worked hard for. We as commercial property Kenya are ready to help you and avoid getting into such traps. For more details, you can reach us via our email [email protected] or call us on +254 784 448888.