Manufacturing companies must explore methods of providing appealing and affordable housing with an increasing demand for homeownership. This attracts the middle-class Kenyans who want to purchase homes. Affordable housing means property built with top finishing and high-quality materials that are cost-friendly. This allows home sophistication and diversification that satisfies the growing real estate market.

Crown Paints launched two new products in addition to the Government’s affordable housing agenda which was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta as the party of the Big Four in 2017. The new products have been designed for low-cost housing and are classified as Crown Ngao. The Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Rao Crown Range is designed for interior application and offers products such as Gloss, Varnishes Primer and Emulsions. As the cost of painting reduces while maintaining quality this will increase the growth of affordable housing, as Ngao range of paints plays a significant role. 

Innovative building solutions are also being introduced into the Kenyan market to provide building solutions. Developers are slowly adopting the new introduction of prefabricated building technology. This innovative technology uses fibre cement walls of up to 9 millimetres thick produced at factories. They are later assembled on-site according to the required specifications. This technology reduces the cost by up to 30 per cent and reduces the amount of time taken to construct a house. Interlocking concrete units are also new in the market. They help reduce the overall cost of constructions, saves time on the construction of a building and reduces wastage of building materials.

The paint industry is striving to create modern paint solutions with long-term finishes. In the market today there are different products available such as protective paints, fragrant paints, roof paints, antibacterial paints and textured paints.  

Another product that has also been introduced by Crown Paints as a base coat to provide smooth finishes on plastered surfaces is Crown Rangeela Putty. It is a Cement-Based Colour Wall Putty with the added advantage of shades like green, yellow, pink and off-white. The new product is ideal for expensive paint applications while saving paint by up to 50 per cent. It does contain pigment, white cement, polymers and finest quality minerals. This can also be used for low-end applications like basement parking lots as a final finish and also used for wall finishing while improving the aesthetic value of homes.


An increasing number of homeowners are interested in customizing their homes to their taste. Most developers and homeowners are realizing that paints could give fantastic finishes while saving on costs. With the option of supply-and-apply as a one-stop quotation could save cost and also get a professional finish from serviced by a paint company.

Since the Big Four agenda was unveiled by the Government it has been able to create employment opportunities for the country’s growth and development. The Government initiated a plan to facilitate the construction of half a million low-cost houses by 2022 funded by taxpayers. Crown Paints has innovated new products that will be able to meet and satisfy the new modern-day consumers’ demand at an affordable price.