Have you ever crossed path with an untrustworthy landlord who won’t reimburse your rent deposit after you move out? He snubs and ignores all your efforts when you call and give excuses for not paying you? Or landlords who give back a small percentage in excuse of damages caused? You are not by yourself. Getting back your deposit can get stressful and tiring where most people decide to move on and forget.

Steps to acquiring your rent deposit back after moving out.

  • Take Pictures as you pack out.

It may seem like not an essential procedure but it’s very important, as unexpected things can happen after you move out. Things such as theft may happen as most houses are left open after moving out and the landlord may end up blaming you for that.  This evidence will aid your case and you will secure your money.

  • Do a cleanup

When you pack out, it’s important to leave the house clean and presentable as you met it. Weep and mop the ceramic tiles/wooden tiles to spotless, unhook all nails and cover-up all holes present and can also redo the painting as per your agreement with the landlord.

  • Generate a Check-up list

After you move in, do a walk-through of the entire house preferably with the landlord and make a list of what’s in perfect condition and what needs repairing. Make 2 copies of this list and give one to your landlord. Landlords shouldn’t make you replace everything in the house unless what you are replacing was brand new or completely damaged. You shouldn’t replace things that have gone through wear and tear.

  • Damages and Repairs

Report any damages that may occur while in the house. Consult with the caretaker or the landlord to fix the said damages or have you fix it for a refund at a later date. Keep this information preferably on writing so it does not affect your deposit refund later. The landlord will have no choice other than have the refund.


  • Have ample knowledge on your rights as a Tenant

Understanding your rights as a tenant  aids you in so many ways. Landlords don’t volunteer to give back the deposit, instead you have to ask for it. It’s important to understand your rights as a tenant to avoid the landlord taking advantage of your calmness and lack of understanding.

  • Communicate in writing with Your Landlord

When you are enquiring for your rent deposit refund, put all the communication in writing.  This supports you to make a case in the incident that it becomes a court case. Money matters get some folks sensitive and may end up uttering rude words to the landlord. Be reverent and civil when doing the follow-up.

  • Alert Other Tenants

If a landlord rubbishes with your money entirely, warn other tenants for them to understand what they are getting themselves into. Post the information on social media preferably estate WhatsApp groups to warn those ready to move out and the possible steps to undertake to recover their deposits. Don’t be too strict while explaining your situation not to appear angry.