Loft Apartments: Inside Unique Housings Gaining Fame in Nairobi Suburbs

Loft apartments feature a partially open, mezzanine-style level that overlooks the main floor below. A staircase is used to connect the loft space to an elevated bedroom or lounge area.

These apartments are exceptionally spacious compared to other interior designs that feature walls separating each room. The only enclosed areas in a loft apartment are the bathrooms, toilets, and occasionally, the kitchen.

Loft apartments are becoming increasingly popular in the suburbs of Nairobi and are being advertised on Airbnb for vacationers and other travellers. The Wood Avenue apartment in Kilimani was one of the first to embrace this new design.

To attract tenants who desire an urban living setup, other satellite towns such as Kasarani, Athi River, Ruiru, Tigoni, and Limuru are also incorporating loft apartments into their designs.

Furthermore, lofts have generated conversations on various social media platforms, with some individuals requesting affordable loft apartments with accessible payment plans for bachelors and bachelorettes.

Pros of a loft apartment

These apartments in the suburbs of Nairobi are typically spacious and feature an open-concept design that provides a great deal of flexibility. This enables both tenants and owners to decorate and establish various workstations according to their preferences.

The high, elevated ceilings found in loft apartments also facilitate better air circulation, allowing tenants to experiment with a wide variety of decor ideas.

Occupants can easily simplify or streamline their living space in loft apartments, including essential components such as music, visual art, and overall lifestyle.

Cons of loft apartments

utility bills

Due to their raised ceilings, these apartments are generally less energy-efficient, and tenants may end up paying more for electricity. In addition, occupants may also need to invest more in maintaining elevated windows and staircases, among other aspects of the unit.

Lack of storage spaces

Although the apartments offer ample space, they typically lack traditional storage areas such as closets and kitchen cabinets. As a result, occupants are often required to purchase or install their own wardrobes and closets.

lack of amenities

As the apartments tend to embrace a minimalistic aesthetic, there is generally no communal space available for desirable amenities. Builders often face difficulties when attempting to incorporate storage areas, roof decks, fitness rooms, and other features into the units.