2 Bedroom with an SQ for sale in Westlands


Property Description

Experience the epitome of sophisticated urban living with our 2-bedroom apartments featuring a separate servant’s quarter (SQ) for sale in the vibrant neighborhood of Westlands.


Rhapta Road, Westlands
Bedrooms: 2
Price: Ksh 17,200,000
Size: 135 sqm

Elegance Redefined:

Step into our meticulously designed living rooms, the heart of your home, where modern elegance meets comfort. Each detail, from plush furnishings to clean d├ęcor lines, is curated to create an inviting and stylish ambiance.

Cook in Style, Live in Luxury:

Experience culinary excellence in our modern kitchens, where innovation meets aesthetics. With sleek designs and cutting-edge functionality, our kitchens redefine sophistication. State-of-the-art appliances and premium finishes ensure a seamless fusion of style and utility, providing spacious elegance with ample storage.

Elevate Your Lifestyle:

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your lifestyle in the vibrant heart of Westlands. Contact us today to experience luxury, comfort, and contemporary design at its finest on Rhapta Road.

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