John Zeyun Yang, the Chinese who made millions was once a relatively unknown man especially in Kisumu, as CEO Erdemann Property Limited. However, the name would soon become famous for the wrong reasons as he was reported to be involved in the Lake Basin Development Agency mall impropriety, a bribery scandal.

Before his arrest, John Zeyun Yang was known as a quiet man whose interests were on real estate, developing the highest number of private funded homes of estimation 7000 units. Yang started his business 23 years ago when the real estate industry was not doing well due to the high-interest rates which saw the auction of many borrowers as they were unable to service their mortgages.

Arresting him was not an easy job. The investigators had to come up with a plan to catch him in the act. Several detectives who were successful in their mission had to fake being clients who wanted to audience him, only to pounce on him once in. reports by the standard have it that the Chinese did not give in to the arrest and went further to send his work to negotiate with the detectives to preempt attempts to arrest him. This did not end well for Mr. Yang as the police arrested him, spending the weekend in police custody. The nightmare for Mr. Yang was just beginning as 10 other suspects linked to the scandal were arrested before being arraigned in a court of law.

Yang’s company was on its peak before his arrest as he had been contracted to build the multi-billion Kisumu mall in March 2013, days after the general elections.  According to the prosecution side, the mall was initially to be built at a cost of 2.5m before the inflation of the cost to particularly cover for the kickbacks paid to the officials.

At the time of Yang’s prosecution, his company Erdemann Property Ltd See far Apartments was also embroiled in a court battle with Arthi river’s London Distillers Ltd, on improper waste disposal which had been releasing an awful smell around Greatwall Gardens location.

To add to his court battles, the CEO  happened to have survived demolitions after one of his properties, See far Apartments, was said to have been constructed on Nairobi Dam and also obstructing the course of Nairobi River. For this reason, Erdmann property ltd was in a court battle with the County Government of Nairobi as it demanded Ksh 200million that was spent to rebuild the dam walls.

However, yangs company was one of the companies expected to deliver affordable homes in line with the Big four Agenda. This makes me question the integrity of the government when choosing some of the companies to partner in its Agenda.