Exploring the Exquisite Estates of Kitengela: A Glimpse into Luxury Living

Introduction to Kitengela

Nestled approximately 50 kilometers south of Nairobi, Kitengela is a bustling economic powerhouse within the greater metropolitan area. Known for its vibrant community and strategic location, Kitengela boasts posh estates that redefine luxury living. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most beautiful estate houses that grace this municipality.

Chuna Road Estate

Situated along Chuna Road, just off the Kitengela-Namanga highway, the Chuna Road Estate stands as a testament to opulence. Comprising luxurious houses and plots for sale, this estate offers the epitome of sophistication. Notable public figures, including Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Mithika Linturi and veteran music producer Teddy B, call this enclave home. The estate features well-maintained infrastructure, complete with water and electricity services, marram roads, drainage systems, hospitals, and even a police station.

Boston Estate

Positioned along the Kitengela-Namanga highway, a mere 8 kilometers from Kitengela town, Boston Estate radiates tranquility. With 64 three and four-bedroom homes, this estate exudes elegance. The four-bedroom mansions span 185 square meters, while their three-bedroom counterparts cover 166 square meters. Residents enjoy amenities like a swimming pool, solar water heating, cabro parking, detached ensuite domestic staff quarters (DSQ), and a bio-digester treatment plant.

Almond Grove Estate

An additional gem in Kitengela’s real estate crown is the Almond Grove Estate, boasting 58 semi-detached maisonettes, each on a 40ft by 60ft plot. Characterized by a perfect blend of privacy and community living, each unit comes with its own parking lot and backyard.

Oasis Gardens New Valley

Located along Deliverance Road in New Valley, a short distance from Kitengela town, Oasis Gardens Estate offers an idyllic setting. The estate features 3 and 4 bedroom housing units, complete with ample parking, solar power supply, and a common children’s playground.

Acacia Premier Estate

Situated in a serene environment off the Kitengela-Namanga highway, the Acacia Premier Estate is a gated residential community. Comprising eight 3-bedroom bungalows, each with spacious living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms, the estate also offers free Wi-Fi, ample parking, and easy access to hospitals and premier schools.

Royal Finesse Estate

Positioned along the Kitengela-Namanga highway, the Royal Finesse Estate exudes luxury with its 78 five-bedroom mansions, all ensuite, and a detached servant’s quarter. Notable amenities include a gym, backup generator, CCTV surveillance, swimming pool, basketball court, borehole, and a perimeter wall with electric fencing.

Milimani Estate

A popular gated community just a few minutes’ drive from Kitengela town, Milimani Estate offers fully serviced houses, including bungalows and villas. With schools like Kitengela International School and Acacia Crest Academy within its vicinity, Milimani Estate embodies convenience and quality living.

In conclusion, Kitengela stands as a testament to the evolution of luxury living in Kenya. These estates, each with its unique charm, showcase the diversity and sophistication that define Kitengela’s real estate landscape. Whether it’s the tranquil ambiance of Boston Estate or the opulence of Royal Finesse, Kitengela’s estates beckon those seeking a blend of comfort, convenience, and elegance.