When looking to buy land in Kenya. What should you look for?

Let’s review some of the common questions from people intending to invest in Land in Kenya.

So, if you have money and don’t know where to buy land, this article is for you.

So you’ve decided you wanna buy land. where do you do it?

Let me share a little bit of our own rationale about where we invest depending on your goals. obviously and your budgetary restrictions,

Areas within One Hour Drive from the City

Look at specific places, look at an area that’s not too expensive at the moment to invest in. These are places at about an hour to our radius drive from Nairobi in any direction right and the reason for that is that a lot of these places are not yet developed so they’re not too expensive to invest in.

Impending Developments within the land location

Secondly, the other thing we look for are impending developments things like roads, golf courses or any other kind of development that’s going to improve the infrastructure in that particular area in the short to medium term. the reason we like to look for that is because, instead of waiting for 10 years for the value to go up high enough for us to sell you know the value will go up a lot faster because of all the infrastructure that’s going to happen.

Geographical Features surrounding the plots

The other thing we like to look for when getting the plot positions is unique geographic features things like mountain views or water frontages. If you’re buying something at the coast, that’s an obvious one, you want the view of the ocean.  If you’re buying something at the lakefront, the same kind of scenario, you want the beautiful view of the lake.

The reason we like to look for this kind of unique geographic feature is that they help in maintaining the desirability of that property over the long term. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to a mountain view sometime in the future? Right!

Who doesn’t want to hear the waves crashing onto your property one day in the future? now, who doesn’t like to look up the sunset glazing over the lake? whether it’s lake Elementaita or any other lake.

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