Owning an investment property is not only about having a successful transaction. Location serves as one of the most important factors you should consider when looking for an investment property.  Investing in the right location is  very vital such that often people get low real investment returns due to the wrong location of their properties. No one invests his money in a property with the aim of getting low returns. All players in the real estate market dream of the highest returns in the industry.

In Kenya, some of the areas that have been listed to be highly potential of high investment yields are Langata,Juja,Ridgeways and Thindigua. In fact, if you are thinking of investing, these are the areas for you. According to a recent survey in relation to investment opportunities in areas around Nairobi, the four locations recorded high investment opportunities more than other locations due either their:

  • -low costs
  • -low supply of residential properties
  • -proximity to Nairobi town.

Thindigua and Ridgeways are both located on Kiambu road,11.9km and 9.8km proximity from Nairobi CBD respectively. Langata earned its place in the list for its low number of residential properties while juja was among the top four due to its low costs.

Elizabeth Nkukuu, a chief investment officer in one of the top real estate companies in Kenya noted in a report that the development of residential real estate in the country has continued to yield attractive returns to its investors, while settling a deficit of 2 million housing units. This supply increases annually by 200,000 units,closing the big gap that was initially. Elizabeth also added that the key factors for the increment of prices in most of the areas that are performing well in the market were high property demand, proximity to the Nairobi CBD and other major business districts, and the convenient prices compared to units in other similar ends.

In another report, the survey on real estate residential opportunities within Nairobi Metropolitan was based on various factors such as:

  • The rate of residential uptake
  • Total returns earned in the area
  • State of infrastructure
  • Availability of development land.


According to the results of this survey, juja recorded the highest rate of residential uptake due to its low prices. The area also recorded high investment returns to its investors and availability of development land. However, the state of infrastructure in this area was not as high making it a challenge especially to developers. It is with a relief to many people interested in this area that the juja farm road  has been launched, improving the infrastructure of the area by connecting to the Greater Eastern Bypass.

The survey also reported that some of the drivers behind the residential sector are :

  • population growth
  • urbanization .
  • improved infrastructure
  • increased incomes.

Of these four areas with high investment opportunities within Nairobi, 3 areas come from the same county,Kiambu. The county has recently been a leading innovative commercial hub with attractions such as the Northlands City, Tatu city,Garden city mall,Thika Road Mall, high end schools like Nova Pioneer and many others. As a result, the county is experiencing high growth rate and development of its infrastructure. Many would consider it as a suburb of Nairobi,  attracting a numerous number of investors.

As these areas are the current leads in the real estate potential areas, it’s only wise that you seize the opportunity to acquire property in these areas before the prices skyrocket. This will be too late as those who will take advantage of this chance will be enjoying the fruits of high investment returns. At commercial property kenya we have various properties in those locations that will definitely suit you. For more information, you can contact 0784448888.