Property management services include comprehensive marketing, full-service leasing, advertising, tenant screening, rent collection, property inspection, property maintenance, proper accounting and eviction. When a landlord or investor requires help in managing rental property, you can seek services from a professional management company. 

The following is a list of property management services that you can benefit from. 

1. Rental Rate

Rental charges for your property are set depending on the area of demand and the value of your property. Property Location is also key, property management companies can help set the right price. Gathering knowledge of  rental rates in the area of investments determines return income depending on the size of the property and market.  Detailed documentation and photography of the interior and exterior helps set the right rental rate for your property.

2. Tenant Screening

Performing a background check helps verify the income,credit history, rental history and identity of the tenant. Thorough screening reduces chances of placing the wrong tenant in your property. It is the responsibility of the landlord or property owner to choose the right tenant to prevent any kind of problem or risk from occurring in the future period. A lease form is signed when both the landlord and tenant reach an agreement, whereby a tenant qualifies a move in assessment of the property.

3. Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is a contract between the landlord and the tenant for a fixed period of time. A lease is drawn up on reaching an agreement with a confirmed date that includes the name of the tenant, terms, conditions and rules. During the lease signing the tenant is walked-through the guidelines and  review regarding rental payment terms and preserving property value. A walk-through helps avoid any confusion in the future assessing changes in the conditions should the tenant want to move out. Ensure all agreements have been properly executed.

4. Inspection 

Regular evaluation of property is beneficial to the landlord as it ensures that the tenants comply with the lease agreement. Occasional inspection of the interior and exterior of the property is highly recommended looking for code violations, repair needs, safety hazards and lease violations. Evaluation also helps in resolving tenant issues that may potentially arise in future. Maintenance funds set aside assist in dealing with such a situation if it may occur. When a tenant moves in and out conduct an inspection and fill out a report on the property condition. Provide the tenant with a copy, documentation assists in maintaining your property value. 

5. Repair And Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary in property management, it is key to establish a preventative maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs.  Ensure repairs are done in a professional manner by providing an over-seeing trustworthy maintenance crew. Provide an extensive network of contractors that are licensed and insured who have been vetted for good price and efficient work. Focus on improving the interior and exterior of the property ensuring it is well-managed.

6. Marketing And Advertising

Advertise your property both online and offline to find the right tenant for your property. Finding experienced marketers and marketing platforms helps to fill vacancies faster making field calls from prospects for questions and viewing. A skilled property manager will help create ads for the property advertising the properties using different methods. Preparing your home to be ready to rent faster and making sure it appeals attracts high quality tenants. It also works to set up a rental rate based on comprehensive analysis of the property condition and value. Do provide potential tenants with  rental applications that are legally compliant with housing laws.

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8. Rent Collection

Collecting rent on the due date positively affects your investment in property management. Monthly rent collection is deposited into your account, the process can be handled by a property management staff through a timely process that is systematic and safe, preventing confusion and loss.

9. Legal

Ensure you have no legal or pending issues. It is important to seek advice or hire a lawyer in the event of a legal dispute or litigation. You can also hire a professional property manager or a property management company that will protect you from lawsuits and any vulnerabilities. As a property owner make sure you understand  the rules and laws that apply to renting and maintaining rental properties.

10. Finance

A property management service can provide accounting and make payments on behalf of the owner. It is essential to maintain all historic records including detailed documentations of all expenses incurred. A property manager or property management company can provide an annual report, structured taxes and documents that advises the owner on tax deduction. Financial reports provide easy cash-flow statements and offer a detailed breakdown of income. 

11. Evictions 

There is occasionally a tenant who needs to be evicted from the property for breaking the rules and not paying rent on time. Property Managers  are smart in filling the relevant paperwork to initiate the process for eviction legally. The property owner can be represented in court coordinating with law enforcement to remove the tenant and possessions from the property.

There are benefits to property management services which can allow you to hire a property manager for your property. In return you will get more free time for your personal activities, experts will handle the workload, reduce the owner’s stress, flexibility will be available as you will have more freedom.  Property managers perform different lists of tasks for the owner. This list will help and guide you.