Property Management

Commercial Property Kenya understands that property management is a way to secure your investment and increase the value of your property. This is what drives us when managing our client’s property. We are the best when it comes to tracking record and expertise in the industry of property management. We are also known to give back maximum profits, a concept that has attracted many clients to our services. This is done consequently even in the harsh market conditions.  

Commercial property Kenya is committed to dynamic portfolio-based property management which we achieve through structure life-cycle maintenance, utilities management and technology.  This helps in unleashing the true potential of your property and prolongs the value of the property.  

Our commitment and integrity has been proven by the excellent results from the properties we have managed, making us one of the leading service providers in property management.  

Why Choose Commercial Property Kenya

We are strong on property management where we have seen a big gap in product development by developers and property in the market. We work to retain the glamour of the property, improve security and  system operations. Our investment in technology has never been greater, with online systems that ensure smooth communication between the property owners, suppliers and landlords.


There is no doubt that our team is the best for property management and we have committed to increasingly learn and adapt to the pace of change in technology. We persist to practice integrity, honesty and perfection backed up by very firm advisory and consultancy to competence,  have made us more sensitive to the challenging market.

Above all, our clients’ interests are the heart of everything we do, be part of the family today.

Cornerstones to Our Success in Property Management


Our qualified team is trained to take responsibility and act on their initiative. This means that there is a fast response to requests and complaints, making us efficient. The team is also trained to use technology hence better services. 


Through our online-based program, you as the property owner can monitor all the activities including all-important management criteria from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world.


Commercial property Kenya has its main office in the Westlands and other branches across Nairobi and its environs. No matter where your property is located in Nairobi, we can be of service.

Commercial property Kenya, let us guide you home.