10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the key things that people look at while searching for a house. It is an important room for not only cooking but also storing food. Most people, especially women prefer big kitchen spaces to hold all the tools and appliances needed in the kitchen. This doesn’t mean that those with small kitchen spaces can’t store and cook in the same kitchen. Although it may lead to many cluttered space and stuffed environments, there are many ways to deal with this problem. The following are some of the ideas we have for you. 10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

1. Make use of the Corners

Every kitchen has a corner which at most is not utilised. Most people do not know how to use this space hence they leave it empty. Others just dump everything in the corner without order, leaving them exposed to dust and dirt. This should not be the case. You can choose from various options: half moon lazy susan or even pullout lazy susan depending on your taste. If not either of the two, you can take cut turntables which has the same efficiency.  10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

2. Pull out Pantries

This is of the best space-saving items in the market. It is very comfortable and fits between the cabinets and has a huge storage capacity.  It looks like a big wooden cupboard door, with storage racks. One thing that is unique about pullout pantries is the ability to store almost everything. Take note that you should not put it close to an oven to avoid melting of the bottles or even distorting them.  10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

3. Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchen trolleys vary depending on size, design, and capacity. As the word trolleys suggest, they are mobile hence can be moved from one place to another. You can either use it for additional storage or cooking station. Kitchen trolleys  can be referred to as multipurpose kitchen item since you can also use it as an additional table when you have guests and transport for dishes

4. Plate Racks

Dish racks are very useful when it comes to plates, instead of piling them together. They have additional storage space vertically where you can store your delicate plates. Plate racks help you to organize all your dishes and avoid pilling together heavy piles of dishes that are easily broken. Besides, everything will look orderly and neat.  10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

5. Magazines

Old magazines files are very useful in the kitchen. Though many people do not use them, you will be amazed at how efficient they are in storing aluminium foil, plastic wraps and baking paper.   You can also hang inside the cabinet doors to protect it from dust if you don’t want them laying around.

6. Re-organise Big Cabinets 

If you are lucky enough to have a big cabinet, you can divide them into larders which are mainly added shelves and containers.  They are used to store food, cutlery, pots and things you think can fit in the shelves. You can store almost everything on the shelves and even on the larder doors.   10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

7. Shelving

If you have a space in your kitchen, have a classic wall -mounted shelves which you can use both the bottom and top part of the shelves. This can be a bonus when it comes to additional space utilization in the kitchen. In recent days, interior designs use the spare spaces below the shelves to hand items like hooks such as spice jars.

8. Pot Lids

Pot lids are not the saving space idea of many people due to their handles. We have a solution to this where you can use a tension rod put in a deep drawer then place the lids standing up behind it. This will give them support vertically and will occupy less space.  10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

9. Counter and Cupboard Organizers

These are mobile stack units that are not expensive. They are recommended to those that can’t afford new cabinets yet they need more storage capacity. Kitchen organizers are easily found in improvement stores and are easy to install. Also, it’s very easy to maintain and clean them.  10 Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

10. Store Odd Cutlery

For those items that cannot be stored in drawers, but are very important like serving spoons, you need to come up with a way of storing them. You can choose to hang them on rails with hooks directly on the wall, next to the oven. This will save you time to cook since they will be at hand. 

These tips come in handy to those who have used them, you can also come up with new ideas and comment on this page, we will be glad to hear from you.