How to Deal with Bad Tenants

Your work as a landlord could be extremely difficult when subjected to bad tenants.  They can make you regret your decision to venture into the real estate business. Everyone has different traits and personalities and you will be exposed to all of them.  Some don’t pay rent unless they are forced to while some will destroy your property and expect not to pay for it. It is up to you to decide those you want to evict and those you want to stay. All this can be overwhelming, hence the need to know how to deal with them. If you are a landlord, then most probably you can relate to what am saying. As a landlord, you may not know the true character of your tenant until you interact with them.


Here are some of the characters and how to deal with them:

  1. Those who damage your property

Before any tenant gets into your rental house, make sure you go through all the property seeing the condition of the property. You can also take pictures where necessary for future reference. Let them point out areas where they would want repairs before they move in. this will help you in solving issues whereby the client says they found the damaged property in that condition. Make a formal request to the tenant to repair the property if it’s minor. If it’s major damage, repair then send the bill to the tenant

  1. Tenants who move out without any notice

In this case, you can seek advice from your lawyer for the necessary steps to follow. Do not throw their belongings away in case they leave them behind, this could be used against you in a court of law.

  1. Tenants who complain about everything

As said earlier, you will come across different characters as your tenants. In this case, you can evict the tenant or else they will continue to complain. How to Deal with Bad Tenants


  1. Late rent payments or no rent

This group can frustrate you and hurt your business. This is where the lease agreement is important since you will be in a better position if you decided to take the person to court. The lease signing means that they are ready to follow the terms and conditions hence anything else is illegal.  Remember to include the due payment date and the penalties following late or no rent payment.

  1. Illegal activities

Tenants who engage in illegal activities can bring a bad reputation to your property. This means that people will not be willing to become their tenants. If you suspect that one of your tenants is involved in illegal activities, do research and find solid events if true. You can either choose to evict the person or inform the authorities will take the necessary steps.

  1. Noisy tenants

It is the right of every tenant to live in an environment free from any type of disturbance from other tenants.  Most young people are likely to play loud music and host parties making noise for other tenants. In your tenancy agreement, make it clear that you don’t allow any form of noise or disturbances and the penalties that could follow. If a tenant still goes ahead and makes other tenants uncountable, you can evict the tenant in the subject. How to Deal with Bad Tenants


Note that you should have the same relationship with all your tenants regardless of their character. Always listen to all tenant’s complaints and put your safety and their safety as your key priority. Remember not to instill fear in the rest of the tenants while dealing with the bad one. Make your tenants free to talk to you about arising issues and you will have a good life as a landlord.