Marketing plays a huge role in growing your real estate business and increasing your profits. In today’s ever-changing and competitive market, having a smart marketing strategy is key in sustaining success and promoting your business. There are a variety of ways to market real estate. Finding the right client through online marketing requires persistence and discipline in order to achieve your target goals in real estate.

So as to achieve visibility in the real estate market and become a major player in the industry, it is important to have trustworthy partners and reliable professionals. This will ensure that you are capable of navigating the field of online marketing and also assist you in building local marketing strategies. Using the right real estate marketing tactics will allow you to sell your properties quicker and more efficient. As a realtor, investor or developer you will be able to attain success in the lucrative real estate market.  It is important to come up with new ideas and creative strategies that will best work for you and help you stand out in the competitive real estate market. 

These 20 marketing strategies will guide and help you attract clients and find success in the real estate market. These ideas will assist you in creating a successful marketing plan.

1. Create a professional website

It is important to have a professional website. Many people search the internet to evaluate and research properties before deciding to make a purchase. Aesthetics, functionality, contact information and a firm’s bio are crucial in creating a website for your real estate business. Updates and including listings on your professional website will show what you have to offer, this also attracts prospective homebuyers. Ensure that the quality of the content and photos are unique and appealing to your specific market and target clients. It is essential for the website to provide accurate and beneficial information to potential clients.

2. Conduct 3D matter port scans

One of the most effective methods you can use to market your real estate business is by using the Matterport 3D camera. The system provides an accurate description of the property space by constructing a three-dimensional dollhouse that the buyer can fly through, even in virtual reality. It is important to keep track of developing technologies in real estate marketing with tools like a Matterport 3d camera. You can also hire matterport professionals. 

3. Hire a real estate photographer

Photos are important when it comes to real estate. The importance of this concept can help you make a great impression on potential clients and homebuyers when it comes to marketing a home or condo online. Real estate photography requires professionals who take amazing interior shots to provide an appeal to clients who are interested in your listed properties. 

4. Create video walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs provide people with a feeling that they are there. It offers more insight into how a property is realistically depicted. This allows prospective buyers to understand and have a better sense of what a property looks like in person.  

5. Create a blog 

One of the most effective ways to build a platform or a consumer following over time is to start a blog. You can start a blog and create content best suited for targeted clients in the real estate market. It is advisable to state blogging immediately if you are in the real estate field. This ensures that you provide people with helpful information concerning the process of buying or selling a property. It is important to make it easy for them to navigate your main website and link to your profile pages so that they can learn more about you. Make sure to deliver more reliable content and knowledge of value regularly. This will help you build your market portfolio and increase your popularity in the real estate sector.

6. Partner with local businesses 

Participate in an open house event and invite your local businesses using connections and partner with home decor, showrooms, home improvement companies, mortgage brokers and clothing boutiques to promote listings. Set up pop-up shops in different rooms of the house to encourage more potential clients to visit your open house. You can also work with local businesses to attract more clients through discounts on goods that can be offered to homebuyers. These local businesses can provide referrals or share your offered services to customers. 

7. Engage in content marketing

By identifying external sites to market your content, it allows you to bring in new visitors to your blog and website. This requires to have unique, relevant and useful content on your website which can be linked to popular authorities sites. Content marketing is a great way to bring in new visitors, but you will need content that is built on your site.

8. Use email marketing campaigns

Email marketing can be used to provide value to clients and nurture relationships. You can establish a method to collect email addresses and market your business by sending out tailored content.  Email marketing will help you generate more profits. It needs to be done the right way to attract the right people. You can use emails to update clients on new property development and also send information about community events or general homeowner ideas. 

9. Build a system for referrals 

Building a system for referrals is one way to build your real estate market. You can add this into your email signature so that it becomes available to an active client. You can network with clients after completing successful transactions and ask them to refer you to their friends. You can offer a reward or gift in exchange for referrals. This will help you grow in the real estate market.

10. Brand awareness

Focusing on building brand awareness in real estate is important. Having a professional logo for your brand is key to convey your message to your clients. Having a business plan is important for sustaining success and building your business. This help provides the basis for your brand. You can create a professional brand that will assist you to attract more people in the real estate market. 

11. Run a paid Instagram promotion

You can use Instagram as one of the ways to grow your brand, promote your listings and keep in touch with your clients or homebuyers. With a paid promotion your company’s bio and quality images can reach a wide range of people. Instagram ads also allow you to pick a target audience, post type, length and budget of your promotion. Instagram is a  great resource that you can use to reach many users that are on a widely-popular social media platform. You can use targeted hashtags to make sure that posts are presented to your target audience

12. Complete your profile on real estate sites

Trulia and Zillow are popular to people interested in searching and browsing homes on their own. Zillow is important in the real estate industry when it comes to searching for prospective properties and researching the market. It includes realtor information that clients can use to contact you if interested. You can ask for reviews after each successful transaction. Trulia is another big resource when it comes to real estate marketing.

13. Local radio and television stations

You can reach out to local radio and television stations to promote your business in the real estate market. You can search for radio and television stations that are near you, by using the internet. You can send a letter or an email identifying yourself as a source in the real estate field while gaining the attention of the right reporters. This will make it easy for potential home buyers or sellers to understand the current market.  

Creating a marketing plan will help you achieve your business target and set up your goals. A successful real estate marketing plan will assist you to promote your real estate business.