Some people find the need to let someone have part of their home for various reasons. Some may be looking for a way to find extra cash to pay for their expenses while others may genuinely not in need of the space.  Either way, subletting without any knowledge about it can be dangerous. You need to know if there are any penalties or steps you need to follow before allowing a stranger into your house.

The following are some of the considerations you need to take before subletting your home:

Is subletting illegally 

Being a tenant limits you to making such big decisions without informing your landlord. You will also need to go through your tenancy agreement and check for any information on subletting your house as you consult the landlord. Illegal penalties include being evicted from the apartments, real estate or your home. 

Be aware of the risks possible

Even when you have permission to sublet, that doesn’t mean there are no risks involved. letting someone share your home privacy and main resources have its challenges. It is riskier, especially when you don’t know the person. This could expose your property to theft, destruction of property or even at worst killings. Before letting out part of your home, thoroughly think about it

Interview your potential sub-tenants 

When letting out part of your home, you first want to know the type of person you are expecting to live next to. It is best to take in a friend you trust and know the character. If not, you can start by inviting those interested so that you can learn their character and choose who you want. This helps you identify some characteristics you might not want war you and do away with the person 

Status change 

As soon as you have the subtenant, your status change into a landlord. Even if the tenant I a friend or a relative, treat this relationship professionally. You don’t want the person to feel so comfortable that they abandon their duty to pay rent. Make a rental agreement and all the necessary procedures pertaining to tenant and landlord.

Take before photos

Before the new tenant moves in, take photos of the property you are renting out from all angles. This way, you will not have misunderstandings over the condition or damages of any of the rented properties when they are leaving.

Subletting is not something easy, you are letting someone into your life or even your families life. You need to carefully think about it before diving into it.