Avoid safety hazards

It is the duty of every person to ensure their home or house do not have safety loopholes. Most people want to have their families in a safe space where they can grow and carry out their daily routines with no worries. But for this to happen, you need to be familiar with the basic home safety hazards. This is because you will be able to take the necessary safety precautions and measures to keep your loved ones safe. The following are the basic safety loopholes and how to avoid them.

  1. Fire

Most cases of fire at home start in the kitchen and spread within seconds. The next thing will be a house turned into ashes.


  • Never multitask while cooking
  • Install fire extinguishers in the kitchen
  • Position your cooker away from the cooker
  • Do not place towel racks close to the burner
  • Avoid clutter microwave vents
  • Incase fire starts in the kitchen,do not pour water on it


  1. Children toys

These may seem like the last thing to be a safety hazard at home but in real sense it’s one of the leading safety hazards. We have all heard of cases where children have small lego pieces stuck inside the nose or even ears. This can be prevented if the parents took the following safety preventive measures:


  • Find a cartoon or somewhere you keep all toys while not is use away from children’s reach
  • Do away with faulty toys
  • Always keep watch of children while playing
  • Baby proof your home
  • Get low beds to prevent children from falling


  1. Bathroom hazards

This can be a place of relaxation but also a dangerous place, especially if it has slippery tiles. One slip in the bathroom can lead to death at worst case. Also, one can get toilet germs easily no matter the times and detergents you use.


  • Get non-slip mat to avoid slipping in the bathing room.
  • Clean the toilet everyday with an antibacterial plus a handle.
  • Cover the toilet seat when not in use.
  • Install handrails in the bathroom to hold incase someone falls
  1. Detergents

Most people do not put their cleaning detergents and supplies out of children’s reach. They  forget that they could ingest thinking its food, leading to poisoning.


  • Place all detergents out of children’s reach
  • Keep detergents in clearly labeled bottles or original bottles
  • Close bottles tightly after use
  1. Falling hazards

Slippery floors and tiles,scattered toys, wet floors and stairs are the leads to most falls at home. This falls can lead to serious or long term effects on the body which could be prevented.


  • Avoid wearing things that make you slide
  • Install handrails for climbing the stairs
  • Remove electrical cords away from the pathways
  • Remove clutters from the pathway
  • Avoid slippery tiles and carpets 

Make sure that all the family members are aware of all the above safety measures to reduce the possibility of them happening. Remember prevention is better than cure.