6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

When buying or selling a house, the only thing that determines your experience during this process is the real estate company you are working with. It makes all the difference.  With a good and reliable company, you don’t have to worry about the security of your money.  After all, no one wants to end up as a victim of fraudsters, who take advantage of unaware Kenyans and rip-off their hard-earned money.  6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company


Some of the real estates that are already active in Kenya only have the licence that allows them to transact business but lacks the most important factor, experience. You will be surprised to find that some don’t have the skills needed to be in the real estate industry. If not careful, one may easily be used as a practice run for any of these real estate companies.

6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

Different people are driven into choosing a specific company for different reasons. Most of people will look at the prices instead of focusing on the whole picture. They never even bother to check how genuine the company is and read their review or history profile. This is how they end up in a pitfall full of regrets and pain.

6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

However, not all real estate agencies have these characteristics. We have good, then better, and finally the best agency for you. But how do you know your right real estate? The following are some of the factors that will help you in choosing the right real estate company: 6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

  1. Experience

Real estate transactions are complex and can get a little more challenging. The ability to solve these challenges lies in the knowledge and wisdom acquired by years of experience of every game played in the industry.  The experience of the company will also determine the kind of service provided. You don’t expect to get better services from a company that is still trying to make it through their first year. 


You should then check the track record of the company. This should always be alongside its experience. Check the kind of services that have been offered by the company throughout the years. To get clear answers, you can ask the company’s former clients about their experience or even ask the company for a proof of the number of transactions they have successfully closed.

  1. Institutional governance

Research shows that many companies who have shut down after hundreds of people have vested their money for their services, never had a board of management. The work of a management team in a company is to manage the company, reducing the excess of the administrators. If the decisions are made based on one man’s thoughts then you should have questions about its reliability. There is no chance for fraud in a company ruled by a board of governors.

  1. A passion for real estate

People dive into the real estate industry for various reasons. Some may just be following their family footsteps while others see it as a way to ease into retirement. passionate people will always be enchanted by the thought of exploring the industry. They are always searching for new ideas and updating themselves on new trends in the market.


passionate real estate agents will always prioritize their clients. They are readily open to recommendations from their clients and imagine how to upgrade for better property values.  6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

These types of real estate companies offer the best services to their customers. They listen more than they talk. They deliver your dreams. 6 factors to consider while choosing a real estate company

  1. Location

Always factor the office location of the real estate company you want to work in. It is advisable to choose a company that is close to the property of interest. This means that they will have a good knowledge of the property, the surroundings and also better deal around if it’s an agent. 


Some companies may not familiarize with the location of these properties since they use technology to discover new properties that they may sell. This makes it hard for them to familiarize with the bigger geographical area of the property. Such companies will not have detailed information on properties hence not reliable.


  1. Promise

Just like politicians trying to buy votes through empty promises, some real estate companies use this tactic. They will promise unrealistic promises to try and capture your interest and emotion. Remember if a deal is too good you should think twice. If the property is too good for the price then you should take that as a red flag. They want to take advantage of your desire to invest. 


You should then check the market and compare the prices. The market will always have the answers to the right price of properties within a given location. 

  1. Marketing

If you are selling a property, you should be keen to identify their marketing strategy and package. A quick and profitable sale will always result from the type of marketing done. If a real estate company does not maximize the opportunities offered by technology in marketing then it is not the right company for you.


You should check for a professional website that has clear detailed images, videos and accurate features. If you don’t like their marketing strategy, you should then look for one that fits your standards. 


Finding the right agent for you is choosing to have the best experience. Before making the final decision, it is crucial to ask for recommendations from friends and families to avoid making mistakes and adding more information about the industry.