Get Expert Advice on Leasing Commercial Office Space in Nairobi

Leasing office space in Kenya is one of the key steps and having a strategic office may mean a big leap in brand marketing. It is also one of the key recurrent expenditure in most businesses.  Before leasing an office, you must do the due diligence to ensure that you get the best of what the market can offer. We picked some of the top questions you should be asking before getting an office for let in Kenya.

1.How much space does my business need?

Most people looking for office space to let in Kilelehswa or office space to let along Mombasa road seems not to understand the units of measure. Offices in Kenya are measured by square footage. 1 meter squared equals 10.76 square feet. Having this in mind, it would be advisable to check out how your competitors have organized their offices or a space planner to help you visualize the office. Ideally, a commercial office is meant to be 150 square feet. If you will have cubicles, a standard cubicle should be 25 square feet. Using similar offices to get estimates has been the norm. If you have 20 employees, check out a similar company to try to get a perspective of how much space you need. Also, the space you need may vary depending on the equipment you use. Ask your agent for advice by sharing the company details before settling on office space.

2. Should you rent on current demand or future expectations?

This has seen many businesses falls by increasing expense without having the income to cover for it. Unless you financial manager and strategic manager communicate that you will have significant growth in the near future, it is advisable that you rent an office space that caters for your current needs. In most cases, if you have unexpected growth the next years before the lease expire you will find it easier to get extra space in the building. It will be harder for you to reduce the office space if you have already signed a lease. If however, you want to provide for growth, you can sign a lease that allows subletting. This means that you can let out part of the office space until the time when you need it.

3.What is the limit of improvements or modifications to my office space?

Need office space in Nairobi for your business? Remember to check if your office requires unique modification. Like commercial banks need a space for the ATM machines or the special vault box. The coffee or hotels may need some chimney or special cookers fitted on the wall. Remember to check and have these modification limits added to the lease agreements.

If you plan to do modifications, go for shell offices in Nairobi. Shell offices do not have any kind of modification and have more flexibility in making changes. Most of the office suites with tiles, ceiling and cabling already done will have limitations on how much you can modify the office space. In most shell offices nowadays, landlords give one to three months to allow companies to make adjustments to the office without charges.

4. How can I make sure this space supports my brand?

Most of the time you find that it is not the space that speaks out but what you do with space, To have your business space speak your brand, hire an interior decor to help create an amazing experience from the space that you had.

5. Does the office space meet my technology needs?

Most commercial properties today offer a variety of networking options, such as cable, DSL, T1s and fibre. Tenants whose business practices demand heavy bandwidth should verify that potential properties have the infrastructure to support their business needs.

6.How do I know if I’m choosing the right location for my business?

As the saying goes, real estate is all about location, location, location, location. Where you locate your business will largely depend on the type of company r industry but in most cases, location is a key determinant on business success. You have to check out several entities before choosing your business like human traffic that convert to customers for fast moving goods; proximity to transportation like an airport for bulky goods. You have to ask yourself questions like, Do you need to be near major highways? Can your employees easily access the premises? Do you have ample parking? Are you close to a noisy industry or is your industry noisy? proximity to shopping and restaurants? You have to put these factors into consideration before making the big decision and trust me you’ll be glad you did.

7.What is included in my rent and service charge? 

Service charge on commercial office space has a huge impact in running operations of the office. What is covered on the service charge means you will not have to worry about it including cleaning of the common area, the lighting of the common area, security, minor repairs, garbage collection and so much more. For some service charge includes a backup generator for common units or a backup generator for all sections. This is critical so you know if you will have to get your own backup generator. It is good to know if you will be responsible for plumbing, electrical, mechanical and other repairs of the building when you will be leasing it.

8. Is the property owner trustworthy?

Finally, you need to do your homework on the landlord and the management company. These are the people who you will be calling when you are on a crisis or when you need to make any adjustments. The management company should be good in responding to a crisis like plumbing, security etc. So, before you sign the dotted line on the lease agreement, make sure you do some research about the management company, In many cases, if the management company is sloppy you will find a grade A building liking like a game C or D building in less than two years.

If you are now ready to look for office space we have great offers for you in all major cities in Nairobi.