Thinking about renting an apartment? It’s only when you get an idea space that you can turn an apartment for rent to a home. Choosing which apartment or house to rent is an emotional decision that you should not compromise on. As the saying goes “Nothing beats going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”. You can only relax if you have found the perfect home for you. It’s a safe house for you and your family. Given the heftiness in this, There are things you need to know before renting an apartment or a House in Nairobi and its environs like Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Kiambu road etc.

We have created this article on the factors to consider when renting a house or apartment based on a survey done by CommercialKe. So you should read this before moving to an apartment. This is a checklist of what to look for when renting an apartment. It will answer that critical question, “Should I rent this apartment?”.

 1. Apartment Size 

First, determine what size of apartment or house you require. Different developers prioritize different sections of the house. Chances are that you will not find an economical house with all sections being spacious. For some houses, you find they have an expansive lounge but the bedroom and Kitchen are small. Others may have a spacious kitchen but the bedrooms or lounge may be small. It is good to know early what you consider important. Is the bathroom tiny? Is there room for a dining room table or your piano/pool table? For many ladies, the kitchen is a priority plus a pantry. Most men tend to check the lounge and the master bedroom size. Well before sharing the apartment description to your agent, confirm what you consider important to you.

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2. Natural lighting

One of the key reason why I recommend that you come to view the apartment before letting is for you to check the lighting. Lighting is very critical in a home, especially where there are children in it. You want a home which is well lit such that you don’t have to switch lights on during the day. Not only does this save you cost but it is more environmentally friendly but it adds some therapeutic effect to your home.

3. The Apartment Rent Price

When renting an apartment, use a property listing like Sites like these that have several listings enable you to get an approximation on how much a property is in a certain area. Though apartment prices differ depending on the unit features, location and property features there is a general price range in a given area. Decide on a price range that you can afford, and don’t forget to consider the cost of utilities like electricity, water and other personal expenses. The scholars say that rent should not be more than 30% of your monthly income. Also, keep in mind that you will have to pay a security deposit equal to one or two months’ rent shortly before or shortly after moving in.

4. Service charge on Apartment

Service charge is the amount used by the property management company to sustain the common areas of the apartment like cleaning, security, gardening, lifts, swimming pool etc. One thing to note about the service charge is that the more features the property has, the higher the service charge will be. Properties with a gym, swimming pool, children’s play area, garden, sauna, jacuzzi, salon, security guards, backup generator etc have considerably higher service charges than the units, which do not have these amenities. It is good to ask the amenities that are provided so you know if the amount being charged is worth it.


5. Location of the apartment

Location is one of the factors to consider, this determines if you’re going to rent an apartment in Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Westlands or Lavington. When choosing a location, you have to make a decision on what you want the apartment to be convenient to. Some people choose to have an apartment close to the children’s school. You can choose to have an apartment close to your workplace or your spouse’s workplace. Maybe you want an apartment close to shopping or near a highway.
When choosing, consider security, accessibility, traffic jams, nearness to a shopping centre, police post, hospital, schools and noise. These are factors that will affect your everyday life when living in that apartment. Ask yourself, is it close to school/work/the grocery store? Will there be a problem with noise/light? is it easy to get in and out Is the neighbourhood safe? Try visiting the place during the day, during the evening, and during the weekend. Your street may look quiet on Tuesday morning but turn into party central on Friday nights.

6. Pets policy within the apartment

If you are an animal lover and have a pet or intend to get one in the near future, you may want to find out the landlord’s rules regarding pets in the premises. Most landlords do not allow pets or having pets may attract extra charges. Some properties have policies that allow pets but have limitations on the kind of pets that you can have. So you may want to read the fine print before signing the agreement.

7. Smoking rules within the apartment

Most of the modern apartment does not allow smoking in the properties. If they allow smoking within the property, there will be designated areas where someone can smoke and not in all places. Just to point out, whether it is indicated or not, it is impolite to smoke in the elevator. If you are a non-smoker you may be keen to ask this since you may be more affected by the people who smoke. Check on this so you don’t regret it later.

8. Parking within the apartment

Before renting an apartment, make sure you check to see whether there is designated parking. Be sure to confirm how much parking are allocated per unit so plan early if you have two or more cars. Also, check if there are extra parking spaces for visitors. Sometimes it gets ugly when your visitor comes and they get hustled because of parking, this can ruin the entire experience.

9. Unit Amenities

Before renting an apartment, try to find out the amenities in the area. Living in Nairobi, a borehole is next to a must-have. You need to check on water, solar panels, children’s play area, swimming pool, gym, sauna, spa, cabinets, walk-in closets, hanging lines, event area, garden, security features, bathtub, gypsum ceiling, backup generator, lighting etc. These are the elements that add class to an apartment

10. The lease- Read it

Peruse it cautiously, and make inquiries. In the event that you can, bring somebody along who will comprehend the dialect superior to anything you do. In the event that a piece of the rent doesn’t make a difference, appears to be a major issue, or on the off chance that it truly appears to be crazy, converse with the landowner about it. You might have the capacity to arrange little changes, for example, having a second pet or a barbecue with an extra store. Verify what you are in charge of paying for and what the landowner will fix. Get some answers concerning visitors. Inquire as to whether you are permitted to paint or drape things with nails. On the off chance that the proprietor reveals to you something that isn’t in the rent or is unique in relation to what the rent says, get it in writing before renting the apartment.

11. The landlord or the agent

You will depend on this individual to finish maintenance, refund your security store, and not enter your apartment unapproved. While you’re taking the voyage through the apartment, discover whether your proprietor is reliable. Additionally, investigate the rent. My first rent incorporated an entire page that expressed what the proprietor would and would not do. My second rent had just two things that the proprietor referred to as his obligation. The main rent made me feel significantly more agreeable. You can likewise inquire as to whether they like the proprietor or the property the board organization. At last, if the place is stunning and the lease is low, a jolt of a landowner might be justified, despite all the trouble, yet more often than not you should ensure you like your proprietor.

12. Apartment safety features

Despite the fact that area is an essential factor with regard to security, there are different things that you ought to consider. Do the entryways have deadbolts? Is the loft on the principal floor, with simple access to robbers? Does each resting room have something like two exits if there should arise an occurrence of flame? (It should, as per most fire directions) Is there road lighting adjacent? Does the apartment have a working/non-working chimney, which may result in flames or creatures accessing the house? How does the electrical circumstance look? (This might be hard to decide, yet terrible wiring is a primary driver of flames) Jump here and there and check whether the floor shakes. Investigate the roof and ensure that there are no old releases (Old holes will spill once more, and water in the roof can make shape develop). Is the apartment close to a bustling road or crossing point, which may result in a vehicle colliding with your home or yard? Is the house almost a stream that may surge? Underneath a slope which may fall? The vast majority of these things are out of your control, and it is improbable that something terrible will occur, yet it’s vital to be perceptive.

13. Social infrastructure

Could you simply stroll for a couple of meters to get staple goods or take as much time as is needed? Of the time occupants, pay a lesser rental sum and select to live in a creating region which is frail as far as social texture. when renting an apartment you should not over-compromise on social amenities like shopping centres, drainage, church, mosque, temple, schools, hospitals etc.

Regardless of whether you select a creating region to bring down your rental cost, make certain that fundamental wares of day-by-day use are effectively open. Be sure about what you need and what the landowner anticipates. As an occupant, you should scrutinize the proprietor before finishing on a house. The rule of thumb is Ask, ask, ask!


14. Property Management

On the off chance that you are leasing a property, an organization or individual will be the “property chief” and they will be your first purpose of contact if there are any support issues amid your Tenancy. The property administrator could either be the Landlord, the Estate Agent, a property executive’s organization, or another person. On the off chance that conceivable, ask for the property supervisor to be the bequest specialist or an administration organization, as any support issues will probably be settled a lot faster than by a proprietor, who may live abroad, or a parent or offspring of the landowner who is occupied or inaccessible. Before renting an apartment check who is managing the property.