The Best of Real estate listings in Kenya

We have made a compilation of the best real estate listing websites in Kenya that you can use for property searches. The shopping trends have drastically changed in the last few years, the market has changed from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. This means that the buyer has become knowledgeable and now they dictate the market through demand. Online real estate listings have helped in this by showing the regional averages and preventing sellers from overpricing properties. People go online to preview and compare product features and prices before settling and buying. In real estate, it is now easy to see regional prices and city prices. Most people in Kenya now depend on the local online real estate agent listing to locate their next property.

These are some of the key reasons why people use the real estate website portals

  • Saves time
  • Check the estimated property prices across cities
  • Learn about the growing areas
  • Find the best investment options
  • Find the latest or new properties in the area
  • Find agents to help in locating and negotiate on the property prices

Here are some of the Real Estate Websites that you should look out for:

  1. BuyRentKenya: Property for Sale | Houses For Rent

This is one of the best real estate portal in Kenya with over 50,000 listings and over 200,000 visitors streaming to check properties. The portal has received several awards as the Best Marketing Internet Portal. You can click the link below to see some of the top listed properties.


  1. CommercialKe: Commercial Property Kenya

CommercialKe has gained popularity in Nairobi due to the high-profile properties listed. The website has been dabbed commercial property Kenya since the domain is listed as The directors said that their dream was to create an online Property Expo in Kenya which will be the first of its kind in East Africa. It has an amazing interface and a very robust search bar. They have a range of properties from apartments for sale, bungalows, maisonettes, villas for rental and so much more. If your looking for you’re next property to buy or rent I would recommend checking out CommercialKe.


  1. Property24: Property in Kenya

This is a global brand that has created a local presence. It is among the most trusted sites and has received a lot of high rating by realtors for helping them get clients. The property portal will help you get apartments, bungalows, and so much more. The listing is estimated to be over 30,000 properties. Though they closed the local office they had opened in Westlands, Property24 still remains one of the strongest property listing portals in the market.


  1. Jumia House: Buy, Sell and Rent Property Online in Kenya

This is one of the key estate listing portals in Kenya. It started off as Lamudi but later changed to Jumia House. It was one of the oldest and probably has the most listing with over 800,000 properties listed globally. If you’re looking for any kind of property, do not forget to check out Jumia House.


  1. PigiaMe: Connecting Buyers & Sellers

Pigia me stated as a general listing website but then they have partnered with BuyrentKenya on real estate marketing. You can find properties of all kinds on this platform and you can easily get the agents contacts for you to review the listing without having to leave the house. Click here to view PigiaMe


  1. Olx Real Estate: Buy and Sell for free anywhere in Kenya with OLX online

Olx has been a local classified website portal for a long time. Initially started as deal fish but then changed to Olx as the brand grew. It provides a free listing of real estate properties which made it gain popularity quickly. The downside is that at times you can find scammers posing as agents. Currently, Olx real estate listings have more than 70,000 residential and commercial properties being displayed. If you want to see the different alternatives available in the market, don’t miss to browse through this website.


  1. Star Classifieds: The Star Kenya

Star classifieds is a pure ad listing website. It does not have a listing added into the system but aggregates listings from other website making it a one-stop shop for all real estate listing from the major websites in Kenya. You can take time and go through their real estate category and you will find some amazing deals to review.


  1. Kejahunt

This platform introduced a new culture in Kenya. Running away from the native listing search process, they do custom search process where you pay an individual agent to go and hunt a house for you. The service is still trying to gain popularity among the locals.


  1. Airbnb: Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & Places

This is an international listing website that specializes in rentals. If you’re looking to easily get a rental house in Kenya, go to this site and you will not be disappointed. They also introduced house sharing, so they are more than just agent listings. Homeowners who are willing to share their home have listed the properties on this website. So if you’re looking for a holiday home or a furnished house to live in Kenya, check this site for alternatives.