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Can’t find what you’re looking for on your other property listing platforms? Well, we have a better alternative for you. Search for the latest apartment for sale in Kenya, Nairobi, Kilimani apartments, Kileleshwa apartments, Upperhill apartments, Westlands apartments, Kiambu road apartments, Ngong road apartment and so much more on CommercialKe (Commercial Property Kenya).

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On CommercialKe you can search property by location

One of the best ways to find an ideal home is to pick a place you want to live in. We have great places to live in Kenya and learning about the neighbourhoods is one of the best places to star when looking for a home. Some of the ideal places to live in right now include Karen, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Lavington, Hurlingham, Upperhill, Kitisuru, Ngong road and Kiambu road. After picking a place then try to understand the security features and amenities available. Check on the convenience of getting amenities like shopping malls, schools, police station and so much more. Similar to other property listing websites This is one of the strong features of CommercialKe, click to search property by Location.

Search by the property price

Know that properties of the same attributes vary differently across different regions and cities. Apartments in Kilimani will be prices differently from apartments in Komarock or Kiambu Road. So after confirming where you want to stay you can now you can check your budget. Now you need to ensure you get the value of your money. The only way to achieve this by checking the online expo and compare properties. Put a budget range on the search filter for properties and you will get a list of all properties that are available. Now check the available option, call the agent number and go view these option, don’t just check the unit, see the property itself and see the neighbourhood, take the one where it feels at home. Site visits are done for free at CommercialKe.

CommercialKe Responsive real Estate Portal in Kenya

CommercialKe Responsive Real Estate Portal in Kenya

Search by bedrooms

You always expect this to be obvious but it is not always obvious. Before picking the bedrooms don’t always think about the now but think about the future unless you’re renting the apartment. Getting a two bedroom when your expecting children within the next few years plus a house help will be a huge mistake. You probably need a three bedroom plus a DSQ. But don’t worry, CommercialKe gives you a chance to easily find the number of bedrooms you’re looking for. Go to the search bar and just click the number of bedrooms you want. I tried it and it’s amazing, thank me later.


Search by Offer type:  For Sale or To Let

Do you want to by or rent an apartment, or should I ask, do you need to buy or rent an apartment? You need to balance your life so you don’t spend so much money on renting an apartment when you can buy it or mortgage it. But also don’t buy a property when you know it will strain your finances or prevent you from having the best of your home. Well like other property listing sites we have properties available for rent and properties available for sale across Kenya.


Search by property type

There are different properties out there, so you need to know which one fits your taste. Some of the popular houses in Kenya include Maisonettes, Bungalows, Villas and apartments. We have done an article on the popular type of houses in Kenya, make sure you read about it before buying your next property.


Do a custom search

Have you been searching on CommercialKe and you keep getting lost in the clutter or can’t make a choice?  Well your not alone, we have so many people who have not managed to get a decision but end up finding a perfect home?  But how do they do it?  Well, we have a team of special realtors in Kenya or we can call them real estate Agents who have specialized in finding houses. Just fill a form and they will be at your service.

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