The selling of a property presents the chance for both economic and social development in an area. It may not be easy as selling your property can be emotionally challenging and surprisingly time consuming, if you have never tried it before. In the African frame of reference, property ownership is important to most property owners and letting go of a real estate investment can be a difficult process when most people are consorted to overvalue property. There are many important things one should consider if you are selling a property. They can have a tremendous impact on your business transaction. It is easy for first-time home sellers to make lots of mistakes. Before you decide to sell your property it is important to have knowledge of the real estate market. 


Here are important factors you need to consider if you are selling a property:

  1. Sentimental value

When it comes to property there are two types of value which include sentimental and monetary. Selling a property that has sentimental value is not the best idea. Properties that have a sentimental value are usually passed down through generations. Such properties contain your identity, memories and even family history. The sale of a property that has sentimental value can’t correspond to money, it can lead to regrets in future. Before selling a property with sentimental value, a seller should take into consideration the consequences that might follow. 


  1. Market trends

There are situations that favor the selling of a property while others don’t. A smart seller considers this before selling property. Selling similar properties when there is an oversupply or when the demand is too low does not favor a seller. It can prove difficult to sell similar developments or even attract potential homebuyers, unless the property is unique and has quality finishings. Market trends tend to affect the sale of property, as most property owners sell properties to gain profit. Moreover, it is advisable to wait for the right market conditions before selling your property. 


  1. Price 

This is an important factor when selling property, every home if priced correctly will sell. Price will always be a strong consideration when selling a property. As a property owner it is essential to practice discipline when selling a property. Property does not lose value, it appreciates each day. A seller has to be realistic about the property’s true value. For instance, a seller may have overvalued improvements made to the property development that does not relate to an increase in its value. It is key for a seller to understand and interpret the market data correctly. It is wise to know the market competition in your area when setting the accurate value of your property. 


  1.  Perfect conditions

It is important to maintain and make improvements to your property, as most prospects are attracted to modern features and amenities. This will help you attract more potential buyers. It is advisable to view the property through the buyer’s eyes and put yourself in their shoes. The first impression needs to be strong, as first impressions are critical with every buyer. For as long your property is on the market, you need to constantly update the interior and exterior of the property. This will help turn your property investment into a profitable asset. Make sure the property is in perfect condition before you decide to sell it.


  1. Avoid getting emotional

When it is your first time to sell your property, it is easy to get emotional. Most people find it difficult to let go of their property. It is important to have the mindset of a salesperson or entrepreneur when deciding to sell your property. Being positive will help you stay focused and look at the opportunity from a financial perspective.Make sure that you distance yourself from any emotional aspects of selling the property. 


Updating yourself on the current trends in the real estate industry will prepare you mentally and financially in the changing real estate market. Selling a property is not an easy process, hence you might consider seeking the services of an experienced real estate agent. In Commercial Property Kenya, we help you to sell your property within a matter of days or a few weeks. For more information call: +254784448888.