We are halfway through the year 2020 and although we are fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, it shall be over soon. For investors, this is the time to research in the market and get to know of the best deals in the real estate industry. Cover the year that will go down in history for the coronavirus with an investment. You could make use of the discounts being offered by almost all real estate companies and own an investment property.

When we are talking about the best deals to grab this year, we are talking about land. The land is one valuable asset that one can own. Land can determine your financial stability in the future or even be used as a measure of your wealth. Lands promise appreciation in their value and hence prices. They also present ideas of a future home you could build and grow old in it. 

With many people have known the secret of investing in properties, more so land, the prices of these properties have greatly increased, leaving only a few to be buyer’s pocket friendly. Having enough money to purchase land for investment in Kenya is not an issue, the issue is finding a piece of land that is affordable and at the same time in a perfect location, guaranteeing you a high investment return. 

Kangundo road is now the talk in real estate as more investors are investing in the area. The demand is expected to increase, making the land prices in the area to skyrocket.  This area is the choice of many who work in Nairobi as its distance from Nairobi CBD is approximately 30 kilometres. 



The development of the great Eastern bypass that passes through the area is one of the key factors that have led to the growth of the Kangundo road. Also, some towns have emerged along the road due to this investment, with Fanaka real estate taking the lead in selling land pieces of high quality, very affordable and save you the hustle of looking for a title deed after buying land. The lands are also genuine so you don’t have to worry about losing your money to fraudsters. 

Today, you can get a  piece of and with as low as Ksh 400,000 from the area. These prices are predicted to rise as more developments are underway along the road. The expansion of the road will contribute to the spike in prices, as it will allow dual carriage which is known for reducing traffic. Many buyers with the aim of the building will be running to own a piece of land in the area, to avoid the morning traffic on most of the roads leading to Nairobi CBD. 

Fanaka Real Estate has played a major role in placing this location on the map of the real estate market. This makes them the head real estate company for anyone looking for land on Kangundo Road. They even provide you with ready title deeds that take only 21 days to process. Their lands have all the amenities you need including water, electricity and the most important factor, lands that are close to the main road. With as low as Ksh 399,000 you can now own a piece of land via the company. 

What are you waiting for? Seize this opportunity