Nairobi has been ranked among the top 20 world’s most dynamic cities by the world economic forum. The Kenyan capital is the only city outside of Asia Pacific ranked among the top 20. According to JLL’s city momentum index, it is projected that Nairobi has one of the fastest-growing populations in the world. 


The JLL’s city momentum index covers emerging markets and also tracks the different factors that have commercial real estate momentum and the strongest short term social-economic. In addition, it also covers cities that have future-proofing for long-term success. Commercial real estate momentum considers factors such as the price of real office, absorption of commercial office, retail and hotels, transparency and construction. While social economics covers the aspect of economic output, population, retail sales, corporate headquarters and foreign direct investments. 


Nairobi has a strong Asian influence with an outstanding amount of investment from China. Most of the investments are focused on infrastructure projects. There are still many cities in the world where economic growth and real estate has significantly increased bringing a positive momentum in the global economy. 

The current year’s rankings have discovered the fastest urban growth continues shifting from the west to the east. Overall China and India cities continue to dominate accounting for three-quarters of the top 20 rankings. 


Kenya’s capital city was ranked 6th in the index, turning to smart technologies to help solve inefficiency in transport around the city, traffic congestion and overcrowding. Nairobi was the second most responsive city on smart tech after Cape Town and alongside Nigeria as the most improved cities in terms of market transparency.  


Foundations are correct to place it as a thriving global centre for commerce, as the city itself continues to make changes in many areas in return making a positive growth.