The world is currently in crisis as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise. Sadly, we can do nothing about it, apart from following the measures provided by the  World Health Organisation (WHO) and also the government of Kenya. However, life must go on. No one knows when the pandemic will be over nor the effects of the pandemic. We might as well be forced to live with it.

Looking for the property during this period can be challenging, making it inconvenient for people to move up and down house hunting. Online house searching is one of the best options at your disposal. But what happens when you have to see the property in person. Are you even allowed to move around the city? What of in and out Nairobi?

On May 13th 2020, the government of Kenya announced its amendment on the lockdown allowing people to move out of Nairobi. Further, real estate agents were authorised to open strictly under the measures to prevent further spread of the virus.


Note that your health should be the priority. 

The following are the guidelines to follow when looking or viewing a property in Kenya.

  1. Start online

It’s only a blind person who is not aware of the numerous house searching websites in Kenya. is one of them.  with Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, house hunting is much faster and easy. Instead of using so much energy and at the same time risking contracting the virus, you can find your dream home by just clicking on the search button on our website and typing your ideal location.

 Trips to different places should be avoided at all costs. Starting online will make sure you don’t move from one place to another since you will have one specific property in mind.

  1. Give time for communication

Before you decide to go and view the property in person, make sure you have asked as many questions as possible about the property. Make sure you know if the property is complete or under construction. Ask about the service charge and the availability of your core amenities. Also, make sure you know the total area covered by the property and the asking price.

As per the government’s directive on the pandemic, some people are still working from home. Keep in touch with the real estate agent to avoid any inconveniences that may occur along the way. Make sure that the agent has information on home inspectors, banks and any other party about a home purchase. 

  1. Covid-19 care Kit

After finding a property of your interest online and taking your time to communicate with your agent, the next thing is to view the property in person. However, some items are now very crucial while viewing a house. You should carry with you:

Sanitiser- make sure you sanitise your hands after every 2 hours to make them clean, free from the virus.

Face mask- this will make sure a victim of the virus does not cough onto your mouth or any vulnerable part of your body

  1. Viewing the property

At this time, you will be in contact with people if not the agent, hence you should be wearing your mask. Note that having the mask on your chin will not prevent you from getting the virus. also, you will be touching doors and different surface. This will require to use your hand sanitiser after touching the surfaces. 

As most apartments that have open houses are providing hand wash and water to visitors, make sure you wash your hands clean when entering and leaving the building. You may also wear disposable gloves in case you don’t want to keep washing your hands. However, you should not touch yourself or your phone with them.

  1. After viewing

After viewing the property, make sure that the agent has your opinion on the property. If you would like to purchase the house, you can now start negotiating and discussing the payment method. This should be discussed while adhering to the directive of social distancing. You may then dispose of your gloves and sanitize or wash your hands. Remember to get the number of the agent so that you can talk further on the property.

Following the above guidelines will be looking out for your loved ones. Simple mistakes during these periods may lead to serious repercussions. Stay safe.