Moving out, especially from your parent’s place can be very exciting. But at the same time, it can take another turn if you don’t have proper plans in place. You need to come up with a plan, way before the actual moving-out date (like two months before). Most people will ignore this advice and hence will end up having last-minute stress: not knowing what to do or even dealing with some situations. Some will even forget some of the items they need. This is why you need a checklist.  

It will act as a reminder and also help you have a strategy or order. The following are some of the things you need to do and have on your checklist: 

8 weeks before moving out

saving-Moving is not an easy thing, you will have expenses now and then that might even run you bankrupt. You need to save money that will specifically be for these expenses. Keep in mind that you will also be required to pay for rent the following month and maybe services. 8 weeks before your actual move is the best time to save up for all these expenses. Also, if you will be using movers, this is the perfect time to contact them. Let them tell you the amount of money you will need to pay so that you can budget for it. 

Sort– we all have items that we no longer need but still have in the house. Well, you don’t want to carry that along to your new house. That will add to your burden and also add cost to your moving expense for nothing. At this stage, you can move around the house looking for such items, then put them together then give them away or even burn them. The less you have, the cheaper your transport fee. 

Decor plan– this is the most exciting part for girls. A new house comes with new decor ideas. Some will want a certain theme for the house or even a certain arrangement. You can write down all those ideas and changes you want in the new house and then budget for it. It is not advisable to buy new things before moving into your new house. This will mean adding more cost to your moving budget. 

Get boxes-boxes are very important especially if you have delicate items. Also, the boxes are the easiest way to put things in a certain order, such that items that belong to the same room are kept in the box. This will save a lot of time while arranging your house. 

Inform children’s school- if you will have to switch schools, this will be the perfect time to inform the institution. This will give the school time to get the report copies and also prepare transfer procedures. Also, you can contact new schools that you may want our kids to join. 

The moving day

Wake up early if you are the kind of person who likes sleeping, then this is an exceptional day. Even if you feel prepared, make sure you wake up early. Make sure you a heavy breakfast before proceeding to the day’s tasks, as you might not get the chance to eat that day. Pack the remaining items and get ready for the movers. This will give you a relaxed mind and no last-minute rush. 

Final checks- move around the house to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Go through every room, open drawers and spaces where you had kept your items. Make sure you throw away garbage, close the tap, switch off the lights and clean up if need be. 

Keep during this day, a lot may happen that could upset you. Movers might not show up or even come late, things could break, traffic might change your plans etc. In such situations, do not let anger take control. Some things are beyond your control and need your understanding. In case the movers don’t show up, you can call some of your friends to help you like in the past days.

In your new house

Place items- before you get into the new house, make sure you have a clear idea of where items should be placed. You don’t want your items to be placed in the wrong room, it will take days to find them. Make sure you have labels on the boxes to make work easier.

Unpack- after the movers leave, take some time to rest before any other activity. You can also choose to eat something. Start unpacking starting with the essential things. You don’t want the night to get you without having done your bed. It is not a must to unpack everything at once, you can unpack some the following day depending on their use.

Do the curtains neighbors may want to see what you have inside or even what you are doing. To avoid this, make sure you hang the curtains at every window and door leading you to the exit of the house. Also, this will protect you from the light outside while sleeping.

Check on utilities- to be on the safe side, make sure that the house utilities such as taps, shower and electricity are working. If there is an issue, tell the caretaker or the landlord early enough to fix the problem. Be keen to notice any damage to the property to secure your deposit.

Get rest- after a long day, you will be tired and worn out. You can take a shower, prepare something it and sleep.

Making a checklist and planning early is the moving-out secret that most people don’t know. It makes things so easy and makes your moving day move smoothly.