It’s that time of the year where getting out under your warm blankets becomes a real struggle. It’s even worse for those who have a cold house, being forced to work from home due to the COVID -19 pandemic. let’s face it, no one wants to spend their indoor moments wearing a sweater. It becomes very uncomfortable. Some people even consider moving to warmer places. For those on a budget, a huge heating bill would be the last thing on your mind.

So, how then do you keep your house warm? The following are some of the solutions to your cold house problem.

  1. Curtains

Thick curtains ought to be a best friend to those living in a cold house or when in a cold season. Curtains prevent  cold air on the windows and metallic doors  from circulating to the rest of the house. If you have thin curtains, this might not work. However, you can add fabric under the curtain to make it thick. The thicker the curtains, the warmer your house gets. 

During the day, make sure you capture as much heat from  the sun as possible. Even in the cold, day time is actually warmer. Open the curtains and let the sunlight shine in. This will also make sure there is fresh air in the house making it a comfortable place to be.

  1. Carpet and rugs

Houses that have no carpets or cover on the floor really get cold during the cold season. For those that fancy the beauty of tiles in their house, they have to deal with intense cold that comes with tiles. 

If you are tired of cold, then the wise thing to do is to purchase a carpet and have some rugs in your house. This will not only make your house warmer but also look beautiful and cosy. You will no longer feel cold when walking barefoot in your house.

For doors that let in cold air at night through the space on the bottom, you might consider using a “ door snake’’ or buy door sweeps which seals the gap on the bottom of the door.

  1. Warm beddings

If your beddings include refreshing cotton percale or even linen sheets, it’s time to switch to warmer and thicker beddings. Consider getting extra blankets or even better heat retaining duvets to keep you warm during the cold nights. 

Another way to get your bed warm is purchasing the heated mattress warmer. Though it might be expensive to some people, this gadget gives you maximum warmth by warming your bed before you go to sleep.  Unlike hot water bottles which i recommend to those that can’t get the gadget, the heated mattress warmer comes with various settings, allowing you to rise or lower the heating levels.

  1. Move your bed from the window

Having your bed close to the window makes your bed times feel a lot colder than when your bed is away from the window. This is because the air around the window at night is cold. While your room might not allow you to move your bed, make sure you have thick curtains on the window to prevent the cold from spreading further to your bed area. 

  1. Get warmer clothes

One of the simplest ways to feel warmer is getting warmer. While most of the people hate the idea of having to wear heavy clothes in the house, you might want to change your perspective. Get that old scarf your grandma gifted you, wear socks and even warm sweaters. It doesn’t hurt to wear that beanie your friends laugh at. All that matters is the warmth you will benefit from.

  1. Maximise on insulation

Did you know that a quarter of the heat in your house is lost through the roof of an uninsulated house. This can be solved by installing an insulation via  your loft. Though this is not always cheap, it’s worth it since:

  • It will save up to 50% heating bill
  • The roof space will be warmer hence you don’t have to worry about pipes.
  • You can use the roof space as a storage area.

For cheaper services, you can ask around for people who are looking forward to insulation. This will be much cheaper since service providers always give discounts in such cases.

  1. Move furniture

Your house could be cold simply because you are blocking heat vents. Make sure you check around the house for blocked  heating vents and if any,  move the furniture that is preventing the heat from circulating.  This makes sure your house or room is getting maximum heat . Also, this will  see that  heating vents are not forced into a centralised heating system which develops air pressure problems in the house hindering the flow of heat.

While we can prevent the cold season from hitting , it’s up to us to keep it away from our houses and bodies. You don’t have to get sick from the cold, be smart and stay warm.