Here are the top 20 real estate websites in Kenya, based on their popularity and reputation:

  1. Property24 Kenya
  2. Buy Rent Kenya
  3. Pam Golding Properties Kenya
  4. Knight Frank Kenya
  5. Lamudi Kenya
  6. HassConsult
  7. Commercialke
  8. Tysons Limited
  9. Villa Care Kenya
  10. Kenya Property Centre
  11. Dunhill Consulting Limited
  12. Coral Property International Ltd
  13. Property Reality Company (PRC)
  14. Myspace Properties
  15. FEP Group
  16. Optiven Enterprises
  17. Good Living Properties
  18. Jumia House Kenya
  19. Kings Pride Properties
  20. Lloyd Masika

These websites offer a variety of services such as property listings, buying and selling advice, property management, and real estate investment opportunities.