In Kenya, land pieces in the capital city have proved to be unaffordable, some even ranging above 40 million. Mind you, the prices are still increasing, affecting the land prices of land near the city. This has denied the middle-income segment in Kenya to own land in the prime areas or even the neighbouring locations. 

However, there are still some locations near the city that are still very affordable. Many Kenyans are now on the move to grab plots in such areas to fulfil their dream of building a home or even investing near the city.  Of the gem areas that have sustained a fair price despite their location is Kangundo road. We have mentioned this location over and over again in our articles due to its potential capabilities in the market and its fair prices. This location has fulfilled the dreams of many Kenyans to own a piece of land for investment or even building a home. The good news is that the place still has more space to grab.

In this article, we are going to explore more areas that have land prices less than Ksh 800,000 and still have the potential for high investment returns in the future. 

 While any land can appreciate, only chosen areas can give you high returns. The following are some of the 4 areas with affordable land prices and a guarantee of high returns.

  1. Ruai Town

Situated only 19km from Nairobi, this is the first town from the bypass junction on the Kangundo road which leads to Machakos. The fact that it’s still on Kangundo road makes it a prime area for investment. The area is increasingly becoming popular as Nairobi dwellers are preferring the area for settlement due to its cheap price. 

In the previous years, the town has grown into one of the major towns making it convenient for commercial purposes or even rental properties to settle the growing population in the area.  With more development of infrastructure underway, the area is expected to grow even further, hiking the land prices.

However, the land prices have managed to be contained and you can now get a piece of land with as low as Ksh 700,000.

  1. Kamulu Town

Situated a few kilometres from Nairobi CBD, Joska town is yet another town on the Eastside Ruai that has affordable pieces of land located along Kangundo road. This is an upcoming urban centre that is most suitable for residential properties. Also, the lands in this place are more affordable than in Ruai since the piece of land going for Ksh 700,000 in Ruai can be owned in Joska with Ksh 500,000.

Because the town is still on  Kangundo Road, the town is set to develop in the coming years, leading to the appreciation of land value within the area. This means that the land can still be used for investment purposes.

  1. Joska town

Located only 38 kilometres from Nairobi CBD, Joska is the 3rd stop from the bypass junction on Kangundo Road. The town is under Machakos county and also the first town after Kamulu town. The town has shown massive growth in the past decade, predicting further development due to the construction of the Eastern bypass that cuts between it.

The area is hence a prime area for both commercial and residential properties, promising huge investment returns to anyone who chooses to invest. Amazingly, the location has very affordable lands that go for as low as Ksh500,000. This is the right time to invest in the area as the prices are set to hike in the coming few years.

  1. Malaa

This is also a town along Kangundo Road that has grown within a very short span. Among the above location, Malaa has the cheapest lands from as low as Ksh 400,000. The area is suitable for both commercial and residential properties, most of the people opting to use it for business.

Like other towns along Kangundo road, these affordable land prices are for the meantime as the location is being targeted by many investors and home buyers. If you are looking for affordable locations to buy land near Nairobi this is the best chance.