Real estate in Kenya is on the buzz, everyone is looking at the property in Nairobi Kenya. Passionate investors aiming to put up iconic property landmarks in the continent like the UAP towers, the Avic Residential, The Britam Towers, The Montave in Upper Hill, Two Rivers Mall in Gigiri. Who doesn’t want a piece of this heaven?

Nairobi is one of the most beautiful cities and with the burn of plastic bags, not its even cleaner. Its called “the green city”. Not so much of use of green energy but the availability of actual plan life within the city.  We have the Uhuru Park, Nairobi Arboretum, Jeevanjee Gardens and the City Park.

We have multinational companies and international organizations here in Nairobi. Some of whom have set up their headquarters in the capital city properties like Google, United Nations environmental program, General Electric, UN, Coca Cola just to name a few. So we can say property in Nairobi attracts investors.

Thought the real estate is growing, Property in Nairobi does not yet have iconic buildings that are major tourist attraction points. Most tourist who land in the country however find some of the key areas very close to the city like: the majestic view at the KICC helipad at the middle of the city; The national archives at along the main city streets; Giraffe Centre, Nairobi museum at the edge of the city; Nairobi National Park; Nairobi Safari Walk; Mamba Village, Nairobi Animal Orphanage,  Bomas of Kenya, Snake Park,  and other attractions.

One of the Key things though that is noticeable while you are within Nairobi is the magnificent malls that real estate investors have put up starting with the Two Rivers mall, The Hub Karen, The Village Market, Yaya Centre, Westgate Shopping Mall, Galleria Shopping Mall, The Junction Mall, Sarit Center, Thika Road Mall, Diamond Plaza, Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Prestige Plaza and so many more.

When thinking About investing in Nairobi Kenya Property these are some of the popular places


Westlands is one of the fastest growing areas that started as a white settlement and later a settlement for labourers during the colonial period who were mostly Indians. It is growing fast and if you want to get a high return in investment, you can pick to view some of the available opportunities in commercial spaces in Westlands, apartments for sale in Westlands and stand alone in Westlands or along the Waiyaki Way.


Langat is just a few minutes from the city and most of the working class around Nairobi are moving to this area. It is a good area to invest as the property in the area is not built within estates. Most people are now shifting to living in gated communities due to extra amenities that come with gated community property.


Kitisuru is an expansion of Runda in some way. It is growing very fast as it is part of the blue zone. Blue zone are areas which have been reviewed and expatriates have been allowed to live in mainly those who work in the UN.


Kilimani has grown to be more of a residential area that a commercial place. We have very beautiful apartments coming up especially but the Chinese developers.  If you want to find an apartment for investment with a good price and high return, then check the Kilimani properties.


Runda is out of the question the most lucrative areas for people who have already invested in the area. You can get a mix of the old villas and the new maisonette in the area. Being a controlled environment people are not allowed to build apartments. People who are now benefiting in Runda are those investing in areas surrounding Runda like, Thindigua, Kiambu Road, Kasarini, paradise lost and the southern bypass.


Karen is also a key area to invest as it is very attractive to the upper market. It is one of the oldest residential areas with the who is who in Kenya. Many homeowners search for houses in this area and that makes the return on investment very good.

If you are planning to get a property in any of these areas, give us a call and we will get you, your dream property.