A Struggle to Sign an Anchor Tenant

Half-empty Kisumu mall, which opened its doors a few years ago, is currently facing a struggle to sign an anchor tenant. An anchor tenant is a large, well-known retail store or chain that is typically used to attract customers to a shopping center. They are considered important for the success of a mall as they help to generate foot traffic and drive sales for other retailers in the center.

Empty storefronts and Lack of Foot Traffic

  • The mall has several empty storefronts and a lack of foot traffic, which is making it difficult for the mall’s management to sign an anchor tenant.
  • The mall’s management is currently working on various strategies to attract more customers and retailers to the center. H


alf-empty Kisumu mall

Strategies to Attract Customers and Retailers

  • Offering incentives and discounts to retailers in an attempt to attract them to the mall.
  • Hosting events and promotions in order to attract more foot traffic.
  • Improving overall customer experience by offering free Wi-Fi and a variety of food options.

Competition from Other Shopping Centers

  • One of the main challenges the mall is facing is competition from other shopping centers in the area.
  • With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, many consumers are choosing to shop from the comfort of their own homes, rather than going to physical stores.
  • Additionally, many retailers are choosing to open stores in more affluent areas, where there is a higher concentration of consumers with disposable income.


  • The Kisumu mall is facing a tough challenge in signing an anchor tenant due to low foot traffic and competition from other shopping centers.
  • The mall’s management is working Half-empty Kisumu mall