The world of residential real estate has many different players, including appraisers, property managers, contractors, bankers, mortgage loan officers and government agencies, as well as prospective buyers and sellers. But, real estate agents are key players who coordinate the process of real estate transactions. Real estate agents play a huge role in one of the most important financial decisions of our lives. When it comes to buying, selling, leasing or renting, real estate agents guide us through a process that can be regarded as overwhelming. 


Real estate agents are also known as realtors or brokers. At present, the job of a realtor is a highly sought-after career in the real estate sector. However, most individuals may not be able to differentiate a good real estate agent from an unscrupulous agent. A good real estate agent is professional and determined in nature, hence coordinates with different players to make a successful transaction a reality. Good real estate agents can be difficult to find, especially for first-time property buyers or aspiring property owners who want to invest in the real estate market. 


Communication skills 

A good real estate agent should be an excellent communicator who provides all information regarding the property. The realtor should exercise discretion in disclosing confidential information. They should be readily available to communicate with a potential client at any given time. A professional real estate agent will take time to converse with a buyer or seller while paying attention to fully understand their property needs and aspirations. Corrupt individuals who pretend to be real estate agents tend to withhold crucial information which might later impede development and can cause huge losses for buyers.


A good real estate agent has excellent customer service skills, he/she is also promotional and aggressive especially in a potential buyer or seller situation. 


Presentable and experienced 

Real estate agents are the first link between sellers and buyers, and as such, a realtor’s first impression can determine whether a property transaction is finalised or not. Sellers who prepare their homes for showing prefer a realtor that puts their best foot forward. An agent whole is presentable exudes confidence and makes prospective buyers feel at ease. A professional agent who inspires confidence on the first meeting ensures that the property has been well prepared for viewing by the seller, additionally, the agent takes good and strategic photos for use in the property listing. 


A good realtor offers memorable service to clients and engages in high-level corporate marketing for client property ensuring it gets buyers, the realtor is also able to solve disputes arising from sale or purchase of a property. It is advisable to watch out for agents who lack knowledge of the market and the capability to solve disputes. Successful agents stay organized and on top of details, carefully guiding their clients through their entire process, from contract to close. 


Observant of time 

Good real estate agents will respect their client’s time and will work consistently to keep appointments with buyers or sellers until a deal is finalised and the property is bought or sold. The agents must take time to study and stay well informed of the new trends in the market and existing technologies. An agent that can use technology with ease is going to be more up-to-date on the market in the area. They will also be more likely to be an organized person who has their act together. Most sellers prefer this type of person to help them sell their property. The agents should be committed and available to give excellent service to clients, and ready to negotiate for the price on behalf of the client. 


Ethical standards  

Sellers need an honest agent, one that will tell them like it is, even if they are not the easiest to hear. The real estate agent should uphold high standards of integrity, show high morals and standards during transactions. Transparency is key in real estate transactions. While a licensed real estate professional should know that their primary duty is to their client, it is also essential for an agent to maintain objectivity and transparency toward other parties in a transaction. A real estate agent requires to know how to master being honest and pleasantly persistent.   


Unscrupulous agents will not conduct due diligence before presenting a property for viewing to potential buyers. Instead, they will provide inadequate listing information for a property in an attempt to mislead the buyer into purchasing a property that is not authorized by the seller. It is important to verify any given information by an agent to verify whether he/she is a con artist. A professional realtor will give the client their listing of previous clients as a reference and the list of deals closed from past transactions.  


As a professional realtor, It is important to be resourceful as real estate transactions are complex and require effective handling of a lot of unknown situations. Resourcefulness is a direct result of years of experience and innovative thinking habits. A good real estate agent gathers valuable information and knows how to make buyers or sellers goal achievable.