Top 10 Property Management Companies

In the past  2 decades, the real estate industry has been the number one choice for Kenyan investors. This has created a need for more real estate and property management companies in the country. In Kenya, there are over 100 real estate companies ready to help Kenyans get property of interest, be it residential or commercial. The kind of service offered by these companies determines their rating in the Kenya market.  Top 10 Property Management Companies 

The work of property management companies in Kenya is to save you the headache that comes with being a landlord. Their work includes marketing property, collecting rent, bargaining prices with prospects, making sure there is a short vacant period, attracting new and quality tenants, dealing with complaints and recommendations, handling evictions, etc Top 10 Property Management Companies 

If you choose to have your property managed by a company, the following companies have been proven to be best. They convey their experience in the industry to your property in the best way they know. Your property will be in great hands. Top 10 Property Management Companies 

Commercial Property Kenya

Started in 2018, commercial property Kenya has dominated the market making its presence greatly felt. It is the fastest growing property management company in Kenya, having a young and affluent team in management, to make sure you are getting the best services as a property owner. The company also has proven to have a high sense of integrity and quality in offering their services in both residential and commercial properties.  

commercial offers a wide scope of real estate services with the core service being real estate consultancy, property management and sales and rentals of properties either for commercial or residential purpose. Some of the properties that are under its management are sky apartments, oak apartments, oasis apartments, silver apartments. Also, it is important to note that the company charges 4% of the gross rental income, which is the cheapest in the market.  

The mission for the company is to become a problem solver and help homeowners and investors to find their ideal property that exceeds their expectations.  

 Knight Frank Kenya

Established in 1896, the company has its headquarters in London. It coordinates its activities with its branches in Uganda and Tanzania to further its services in east and central Africa.