Moving to your first house is a life-changing decision and a huge responsibility. This offers new challenges and presents new opportunities and experiences. In most countries, a lot of people prefer to move near the urban areas. This is evident In Kenya as the growth in population and demand for property has increased over the years.  


Before deciding to move houses it is key to be in a position where you can afford and handle all the expenses. Moving houses for the first time is emotional and filled with massive excitement. It is a major life change with a lot of decisions and details to consider. It is important to research all your options and plan for every aspect of the moving process. You should carefully think of all the factors that are in play before making your final decision. Here are important things that you should consider when moving to your first house.

Finance management

It is better to have an understanding of what a budget is and how it works. It is an important factor to consider when planning to move houses. You can track your monthly income and calculate your monthly expenses, this will help keep your payments in order. Make sure you consider how much income you will need and how much you can afford to spend on rent. Also determine how much you have left to spend after planning your budget for moving out. 


Cost of living

The living standards in different countries across the world differ tremendously. It is wise to carefully research the economic situation in your future area that you are planning to move. You need to find an affordable property that suits your preferences and needs. The infrastructure development and available transportation system are of importance as they have major effects in your everyday life. The cost of living in your future area should be among the first things to consider when you are planning to move out. When preparing for a new lifestyle you should take into consideration the costs of utilities, transportation, education, medical care, entertainment and other relevant amenities. When calculating the cost of living, make sure you include all your potential outgoings.  


Finding a suitable place to live in 

Do not rush in when you are finding a place to live in. This might take time, so ensure that you research all your options. You can start with your social media profiles and look for a good place online. 


  • Make sure your new home is safe
  • Decide how important it is for your new house to have a good public transportation
  • Choose your location to be near your workplace, as well as other places of interest
  • Get the word out that you are looking for a great rental and see what comes up
  • Stick to your rent budget


Cultural/Lifestyle difference  

The cultural background and established etiquette may be different from your previous lifestyle. You might encounter different social norms, attitudes and different points of view in your new surroundings. When choosing a good neighborhood to settle in it is important to consider the area’s demographics carefully.    


Financial Considerations

You need to set up your moving budget and create a good financial plan carefully. The expenses you may incur when moving fall into two categories which are moving expenses and post-relocation expenses. Moving expenses apply when planning your move where you are needed to provide for: packing materials, the shipment of households, appropriate insurance, short-term storage and travel expenses. Hiring trustworthy movers will help take care of your belongings in a safe manner and provide you a satisfying moving experience. You are advised to provide for a score of post relocations costs in your moving budget. You will have to take care of several urgent expenses immediately after arriving in your new home such as rent, security deposit and other everyday essentials.  


You need to accept change in your life after moving to your first house. Ensure that you are able to handle the change in a positive way and consider other factors when moving to your first house. Moving to your first house is a huge investment which you have to prepare for in different ways.